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Any opinions on the quality of this Canadian outfit? From what I've been able to gather, they're kind of the Southwick of the North...
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Good analogy. Very high quality. They made my tux. I will leave it to others with more experience to say more.
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'Northwick'? They make/made a lot of Paul Stuart's suits, which I think are up there on the quality scale. I like them a lot.
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We carry them in the store i'm interning at and in my opinion (which i dont' know as much as some here) they are equal in quality to Corneliani or lubiam. The price isn't to bad i think they start at about $800 (correct me if i'm wrong).
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A store near my office, Wm. Fox & Co. in Washington, DC, carries Samuelsohn. I've had a good chance over the years to paw over their broad Samuelsohn collection. I think it's above Southwick in quality, at least on average. The cheapest Samuelsohn suits they have are about $600 (a bit less on sale), while some really nice fabrics are in the $1,200 range. They seem very well made to me, albeit fairly conservative. I'd compare them closer to Hickey-Freeman than Southwick I think (although I've seen some H-F suits with original retail stickers of $2,200). Samuelsohn also makes excellent pairs of odd slacks -- e.g., 120s grey wool dress slacks are in the $250 range.
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They make some lovely suits, very good on construction and some of thier fabrics go pretty pricey but reasonable for what they are. Jill has one in a super 150's that looks fabulous on her... looks decent on the hanger too.
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Canvas construction, not so much handwork as Isaia. Their common model is the 2 button single breast, single vent "Andrew". Great for job interviews and when you want to appear serious or substantial. I have two, 1 very light super 130s prince of wales (light grey) and a super 110 or 120 glen plaid (tan). Not the slickest three button, double vented look but more conservative. These are my spring/summer day suits. The Paul stuarts are of a very similar quality (sometimes some better fabrics, sometimes more interesting colours) and in a variety of cuts. They also make suits for Holt Renfrew - a canadian retailer. I have a mid grey pinstrip super 130, three button, dual vent. The angle of the notch is a little unusual but a good look. I think they are comparable with my Zegna super 120s (bought in 95-96). But a few notches below the napoli coutures.
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