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Proper belt size?

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So if I wear size 36 slacks, what size of belt should I purchase? I once read that a properly sized belt will be fastened when you use the 2nd eyelet. Thoughts?
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I thought it was properly fasten when you hit the middle hole, and that should be about 2 inches bigger than your waist. For a 36 inch waist, that would usually be a 38 inch belt (in other words, when buckled at the middle hole, the perimeter or circumference measurement will be 38 inches). FYI - I'm about a 35, wearing a size 36 pants, a size 38 belt, and buckle either at the 38 or 37 inch mark of the belt, depending on whether it is right after a meal or not.
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I wear 32 waist, and 'size 34' belts. They are supposed to measure to the middle hole (of five).
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I don't know about American belts, but in European belts the size indicates "fits waist" and not the actual length of the belt. I've just measured a belt "size 32"/80 cm" and the overall length of the belt (excluding buckle) is 37 ¼, with 32" hitting pretty much the centre hole.
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I never really got the belt size measurement, sometime a 85cm will barely close (I have 46 pants / 30" jeans), when sometimes it's good enough with like 4-5 holes left. I don't get it. Maybe I'll try 48 EU size for 46 EU pants. .luc
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i buy belt one size up from my pants waist size so that it closes on 3rd hole or 4th at most..but like many other things it's always better to try on because of variations in hole placement
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Because a belt goes over one's trousers, which add bulk to the body, it is necessary to go up a size so as not to fasten the belt on the very first hole. Hence, as I take a 32 waist in trousers, I wear a size 34 belt. I'm not sure what the differential would be in metric, but I imagine the same principle applies, as our European members will perhaps attest.
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