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cross posted from waywt...a fleece deck jacket that i got on sale.

fit pic:


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I bought that too, I love it.
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I have that jacket as well, I love it.
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J. Crew goth ninja! Looks great.
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Originally Posted by bluemagic View Post
J. Crew goth ninja!

The deck jacket has about as much to do with goth ninja as whatever you're wearing ATM. It doesn't even look black on my computer, and even if it is, black =/= goth ninja.

Nice pickup, Toru.
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last-ditch effort, ANYBODY know the sutherland trench?
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I've tried the Sutherland Trench on in the store. I like it; it has a nice, almost suede-like feel, and cool interior details.
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Hey guys, I called the Camarillo and 30Rock locations and a few more random ones but none of them had the 5pocket cords in a 30x30 and in light grey. Has anybody else seen these in a store near them?
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Call Princeton, NJ. They had a decent selection of that color.
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Originally Posted by finnegan View Post
Call Princeton, NJ. They had a decent selection of that color.

Called the one in Palmer Square and they said they were sold out of all sizes. Seems like everyone is sold out .
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^^^^I bought a pair at the Dallas Northpark store a few days ago, you might try there. They had quite a few pairs left. With the in-store discounts, student et al, they were about 20-25$. I don't know if they still have those promos running though.
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Originally Posted by constant struggle View Post
Okay, this is where we talk about J.Crew F/W 08, because there have been a number of decent pieces, haters be damned in here...

Now keep in mind pretty much everything in here will be known as overpriced, and everyone will obv kop @ sale or at some sort of discount...
Heavyweight fleece funnelneck

This piece looks pretty nice as a full cardigan sort of thing, definitely could be a nice layering piece... If it fits okay, I intend on picking it up
Sutherland Herringbone Topcoat

This piece, the herringbone looks real nice, I could see myself wearing this to work, or when i'm dressed up a bit such as going out to dinner or something... Once again if it fits, it could work.
Waxed Canvas Duck Boots

If you are not in the mood for those LL Bean Jawns, and you want a good rip off, these could be it... I like the color a bit more on these than the LL Bean Jawns...

Also some of the redwing collab shoes look pretty good

the funnelneck is ok. i dont like the topcoat, or any other type of coat for that matter. they are too excessive for me. the vertical length of the jacket doesnt make it any warmer than wearing a regular jacket, i just think coats are excessive. i dont like those boats, i dont like how the color cuts off, it's going to be hard to match it cause of the alternating colors.
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You think coats are inherently excessive because you live in Los Angeles and are retarded.
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the funnelneck is one of the nicest pieces of clothing I own. I wear it like 2x a week
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How do J. Crew "tailored fit" shirts fit in comparison to, say, H&M tees (sorry for the terrible comparison)? If medium H&M tees fit me well, would some J. Crew medium buttondowns in tailored fit me just as well? Thanks much, wmmk EDIT: also, can I go into a brick & mortar store and have them order sale items from the website there? I'd like to get the student discount, and I don't have a credit card.
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