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You call on the phone and get the student discount
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I went and checked out the J. Crew Outlet near me. I got a pair of pants and a shirt for $40, which is pretty dang good (I ended up getting about 50% off the regular prices). They let me use the student discount at the outlet too, which is awesome.

I almost picked up one of those sherpa lined hoodies. I kind of want to get a faded black one, but they only had a couple of the other colors. When I saw the hoody online I didn't like it, but now that I've tried it on its actually really, really nice. Unfortunately, I am terrible at picking colors. What do you guys think of this one...? The color is dark wood.
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I own that hoodie (and I only had to settle for a discount in store, boo), and love it. Great for bumming around the house in during cold days or running errands.
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Stopped by Jah today, and walked out empty handed. The chambray shirt with the chinstrap tempted me, but "Made in China" kept my wallet pocketed. Officer Trouser was not in-store. The Red Wings looked just plain wrong on a lug sole. I was entirely let down. I would definitely go out of my way to see the Liquor Store, but I don't think the garments live up to the catalog.
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No love for the lug soles? You broke my heart. Sales can't come soon enough. I need like 4 pairs of the 5 pocket vintage cords in different colors, plus those flannel lined camp pants. ;_; Edit: I wonder if they'll have new stuff up on the site this week for November.
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I have the camp pants and the officer trousers sitting in my cart. I think I've got Red Wing backlash. (As an aside, I was handing GTs at a shoe store, and I just can't get behind them. They seem so rough-shod, and not in a charming way.) If it isn't on a crepe sole, there's nothing to distinguish RW from any other workboot out there. Everything at JC costs too much for Made In China shlock. I like the aesthetic but it lacks in execution; if it were at 50% retail, then maybe I could get behind it. Ugh. It is torture. If I got real drunk, I could do real damage in a JC store, but I'd really regret it in the morning.
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You should see the lug soles on these in person, they're for serious stomping only.

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i found the most interesting peices at the liquor store to be the things you can get 'anywhere', ie the records, books, watches and straps, aldens.
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Do they have any special Alden makeups there, or just some of the stock models?
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Originally Posted by JO3B View Post
i found the most interesting peices at the liquor store to be the things you can get 'anywhere', ie the records, books, watches and straps, aldens.
I'd just like to see all those things in one place; outside of my own place, I mean. For bringing back to my place.
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do they have a thick shawl neck cardigan on sale? I didn't see it at the store by me
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jah children jah children jah children
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thoughts on this sueded jersey shawl collar?


can someone describe what this fabric is like?
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What items are much slimmer than they previously were? I just tried on a size small shirt from the sales rack last week and it was as baggy around the torso as their shirts have always been.
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http://www.jcrew.com/AST/Navigation/Sale.jsp EXTRA30 for additional 30% off nothing but crap remains but if someone wants to take a look.
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