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Interesting article

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As long as they're not asking for my bank account # to repatriate their funds, it's all good
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There is at least one Nigerian member of the board who was quite active at one point. Younger than the author though, it seems, although I just glanced at the article in a cursory manner.
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Ah, had he bought his tuxedo from Brooks in the 50's, he'd still be okay today. But seriously, I want a pair of Oxford Bags. I thought Bags were distinct from the sort of 70's trouser he's discussing in the article.
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"Give me your car key," the lady told my friend. Taking the key, she headed for the car park, and returned some minutes later without the trousers. The top half of the pants suit was just long enough to be passed off as a miniskirt, and she was allowed in. By a deft sleight of hand she had, in dressing down, succeeded in dressing up.
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Very interesting article. One which you should ponder if you ever thought something as "timeless look" ever existed. On the restaurant note, here is a trivial anecdote which happened to me a few years ago. On a friday night after work, we were going to Taillevent, which is a very famous parisian restaurant. Being in a hurry in the morning, as I usually am, I forgot about the event and just proceeded to work in my casual friday attire (dress wool pants, open neck shirt and sportscoat). The doorman at the restaurant insisted I wore a tie, and hopefully the maitre d'hotel showed me to a closet where I could chose from very conservative design. Being the one among my collegues at work who always dress nice and trendy (my nickname was "L'élégant"), suffice to say I never felt so ashamed of myself for having to borrow a tie for a night out
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Very interesting article. One which you should ponder if you ever thought something as "timeless look" ever existed.
Dude ("Mec"), the writer _is_ talking about suits from the _1970s_, which is about the least timeless decade stylewise in modern history.  Flipping through Dressing the Man I came across enough pictures of elegantly dressed men from the 1930s to 1950s whose attire could have looked good in any decade since then. The pantsuit story has an antecedent in a legend about a woman trying to get into '21 wearing an Yves St-Laurent pantsuit back in the day.
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There is a strong dandy subculture in Central Africa like Congo,etc... They call themselves "sapeurs" and are dressed to the 9's at all times, basically spending all of their income of luxury clothes. There are many in Paris.
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