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Old thread, but posting this here in case it might be useful to anyone else.

Originally Posted by coltboy75 View Post

I am having the same problem with the grill showing up under the pad. I have changed the pad frequently. Problem is it left a grill mark on a brand new mtm shirt!!!


I had this same problem even with the "high end" consumer ironing boards.


A thicker pad wasn't really helping: I'd still eventually get the "grill" pattern from the metal board, the thicker pad was making it harder to press clothes (because it could be compressed more), and the thicker pad absorbed more water from steam (which would eventually make the pad smell).


My solution was to layer the metal board with plastic screening. I used some rigid "plastic canvas" made for cross stitching, found at a craft shop ( I cut it to size and taped it down on the edges. On top of that I put a thin felt pad and then the cloth top sheet.


The end result is a thin & flat pad that doesn't transfer a pattern to the clothing, and is very permeable to steam.


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I'm having the same problem with my C30. I will give your solution a try.

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FYI I ended up redoing it using a single piece of plastic mesh, like this:


The result is much easier to make and lasts longer

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Thanks for the update - I assume you continued to use masking tape to affix the plastic mesh. I will need to source a cutting tool as well; what did you find works best?
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Scissors will cut through the plastic mesh just fine. With one big plastic mesh piece, there's no need to affix the mesh to the board -- the ironing board cover will keep it in place. I also added a thin layer of synthetic felt between the board/mesh and the cover, for a bit of extra padding (the felt is cut bigger than the board, so it gets wrapped around the edges when the cover cinches into place, making the edges padded/rounded)

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Originally Posted by idfnl View Post


We used to live in Holland, and this was the go-to brand, they are expensive, but excellent quality.

I agree with you - Brabantia makes great ironing boards.
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