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Belvest offer at korshak in dallas...

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if any of you shop at korshak in dallas they're doing a little promo benefitting a goodwill type store where you bring in an old sportcoat you don't want anymore and they give you $300 towards a Belvest coat or suit priced at $1,400 or less, $400 off priced $2,500 or more or $50 off a shirt. not just a huge discount, but it's for a good cause and 300 off of 1400 is still a 20%+ discount.
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Man, I live in the wrong city.....
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Hehehe... I live in the right city. BTW - If you visit Dallas on business the Stanley Korshak store is easily one of the finest menswear stores anywhere, period.
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I'll second that. Great store, fantastic staff, and the threads in there are at the top of the rtw pyramid. Their tailor sews a mean button hole, too.
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By the way, Lance, do you know if there is a limit to how many suits/sportcoats you can bring in? I assume I can't haul in four old suits and get $1200 off of a new suit. Thanks.
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i imagine it's unlimited, but only 1 per purchase, you could bring in 10 coats, but you'd have to buy 10 in return, otherwise they would be giving away a lot of stuff. they'll do it by mail order (to the guy living int he wrong city). if you want assistance, let me know and i can put you in touch w/ someone there who can facilitate. i don't live in dallas, but i'll do it by mail if my guy says there's something there i'd like enough tospend 1100 on
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That makes sense. Gracias.
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What if you donate a Belvest?
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i just called and am getting a navy glenplaid w/ powder blue windowpane 3 button belvest sportcoat. they're supposed to email a picture just so i can make sure. it's a good deal and a good chance to get into belvest if you're never owned it. very good stuff
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Hmmm, interesting. I can go to their website and get a contact number... is there anyone in particular I should talk to?
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call 1.214.871.3645 ask for john spillyards and tell him lance sent you. he's really good...
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I must be confused.  I didn't think any Belvest suits started under $1400.  How much is a "low end" Belvest?
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usually their sportcoats are 1195 thru 3000 (if they're on the Alex Mocciola Line), their suits usually run 2K thru 3600. the sportcoat i got was a 110s 3 button side vent that retailed 1,500
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i've got this belvest super 110s jacket coming.  it's more blue than in the picture though.
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Got my first Belvest last winter. Chocolate brown glen plaid 3 button suit. Very good stuff indeed...
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