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Incotex taupe trousers

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I have a pair of brand new Incotex taupe trousers, they are almost caramel colored. The only problem is that when my tailor went to fix the hem, she spaced out and scorched the hem. When she scorched them she had fixed the inseam to 30" for me, but if you have a 28.5 inseam they can be hemmed and the scorched part will be eliminated, because the only part scorched was the bottom inch or so on the back of the hems of one of the legs. These trousers have never been worn and retail for close to $600. These would be a steal if you have an inseam of 28.5. Waist is originally 34, but she let it out to 35 for me in the tailoring process. Can be returned to 34 easily. Here are the exact trousers. They say super 100s but they are 120s. I would like to help my poor seamstress recoup some of her losses on this.  $100 obo.
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I can't get to your email, Stu, as it is private. But I'll take these off your hands for the price. PM me regarding your email address for paypal and I'll send you shipping instructions.
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Just received these trousers, and they are beautiful. Stu's behavior throughout this transaction was impeccable. I'd be happy to do business with him again.
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Aw gee, you're making me blush. Et tu, my friend. SS and I consumed this whole thing in a matter of seconds. He's a first rate gentleman and a great guy to do business with. Although I hope I don't have many more damaged trousers to fence. SS: Were you able to hem them to hide the scorch?
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Haven't been to the tailor yet. But I measured again and the inseam will be fine. Thanks again.
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