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Authentic or fake tie

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Some of the folks here have incredible eyes for authenticity. Do you guys think this tie is authentic Versace? And how about other ties carried by this ebay seller? Please kindly provide your reasoning why it is authentic or fake. Many thanks. http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws....ry=2995
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I can't say for sure that they are fakes, but I can say that I've seen ties with those exact same Versace Classic details - including a little '100% silk' tag, that, upon handling, were obviously printed polyester. Personally, I don't think the designs of those ties are interesting enough to justify the risk of buying a fake, and the 'V2' logo on the front blade, although small, is pretty tacky. EDIT: Y'know, looking at his other auctions, I find it pretty hard to believe that both Versace and Gucci would produce lines of very similar printed ties with prominent logos in the exact same spots. I call shenanigans on 'em.
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Personally I think those are fake. The design really isn't typical Versace, and the silk has a cheapish sheen to it. Beyond the fact it is not the Couture line the bridge lines still produce a fairly fine item. The Gucci's are terrible. That shield symbol on the narrow part of the tie hasn't been used since the 80's, and the tag is not accurate. Modern Gucci's use a plain black narrow tag that say Gucci.
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In my opinion this is fake. The reasons: (1) item is from a "warehouse". Yes, a warehouse mass produces this mass produced rubbish. (2) Most importantly the giveaway is "V2" printed on front of tie but "Gianni Versace" label on inside.  CANNOT BE BOTH. They are different lines. This is a very common mistake with fakes. With Versace you'll often see the medusa splashed on everything and every line. The truth is it is ONLY to be on the Giani versace line. All those Versace Jeans Couture and V2 Classic t-shirts with the medusa logo are fake u see on eBay (3) 2nd inside label - the partly covered "Versace Classic V2" label - conflicts with "Gianni Versace" label. Secondly, the font is all wrong. (4) I have never seen that lining on a Versace tie, whatever the line, with incorrect font style too. (5) The first Versace Classic V2 ties made in the late 80s had a white label with black lettering.  Search eBay to see such examples.  In the early 90s, the label was changed to the famous Black  label with white lettering and greek key border. This is neither. (6) The style is very un-Versace - if it was from the top Gianni Versace label line then it would have either the baroque flower symbolism, the greek key or medusa or any combination of these three signatures.  If it was Classsic V2, it would most likely have baroque signature and/or greek key or V2 circular icon.  BUT, not all Versace ties have these (eg. solid colour ties, et al) PS - both lines are made by Zegna, who also make the ties for Gucci, Valentino and Leonard. (7) I'd love to see the tags - ask them to email them to you. (8) Multiple copies of the same item and very similar items nearly always suggest fakes. Let's face it, this is not a modern or new tie (given the labels and style of the tie).  If it is an old tie (and it looks vintage) how has the seller managed to grab so many?  I bet when he sells them too he will have many more listed. Warning signs. (9) The style and material looks polyester and very very cheap. Email and ask if there is a 100% silk tag with "Made in Italy" and washing instructions. All Versace ties have this tag, sewn (not printed) both sides. I doubt it. (10) "If you don't trust this product ...please don't bid on it." This says it all doesnt it? He's even warning you beforehand that it is potentially fake. (11) When a seller makes absolutely no claims to authenticity on the listing this should also raise alarm bells. Heeellooooo. (12) The tie is not propertly cut - look at uneven seams at lining /fabric points and appears slackly shaped - granted Versace ties are not hand made quality but this just looks a cheap polyester number. (13) The similarity with the Gucci ties for sale by this seller also suggest they have just labelled them differently. How much more evidence do u need? In short, the fact that this tie contains BOTH a Versace Classic V2 insignia and label AND Gianni Versace label suggest to me that this is incontrovertibly a fake tie, plus from a warehouse, badly cut, and no claims to authenticity and similar to Gucci numbers for sale. You should email the seller and ask if they guarantee authenticity with a money back refund.  If you really want the tie but am unsure do what I usually do - email/fax your local Versace store and ask them to authenticate. I was once bitten by buying Gucci jeans that turned out to be fake.  I was sooo p/off that I promised myself it would never happen again and I would ensure if I didn't bid from reputable sellers I would do my homework 1st then ask heaps of questions. I have not been disappointed over 100 prurchases later. Caveat emptor. Please also note that fakes are pretty good these days - they even do the embroidered linings, fake tags, proper size tags with where made, fabric and cleaning instructions and authenticity tags.
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I believe the gold, and black Versace is only used for the Gianni Versace Couture line which is not produced regularly for men anymore. All my Versace ties are this line, and are very high quality. Personally I think for printed silks in elaborate patterns Versace is hard to beat. Their pocket squares, scarves, etc. are very fine too. Most fakes are badly made but there are exceptions. For example do a search for Dunhill wallets on eBay. There will be a seller offering a few which look quite legitimate but if one will examine closely the boxes, and cards that come with it the fallacies show through. However I believe that fake Versace clothing items still do not have all those tags stating washing instructions, and that large white tag that says Made in Italy with the Italy in the capital IT. Prada is another very imitated brand, and they are harder to discern. One needs to actually handle Prada for some time before being able to look at fakes versus reals. Cards, dust bags, and some engraving on buckles does not mean they are authentic. Personally I think Versace, Prada, Gucci, Fendi, and Louis Vuitton are the most faked. The reasons should be obvious. To this date I haven't seen any fake Westwoods or McQueen items.
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Baby Chickpea is right on the money. The tie has F-A-K-E written all over it. It's a fake, and not even a particularly good one. I've seen some of the best. Actually, I've seen fake Fendi baguettes that were so close to the original that I had to point out that the lining was aligned incorrectly and the the sewn "Fendi" on the fake was not quite as sharp as on the real thing before the salespeople in the Saks accesories department clued in. Oh, and I've never seen any fake Carol Christian Poell or Schonberger on Ebay. Usually, you are pretty safe with the boutique brands that only serious fashion addicts are into anyway. Saw a fake Margiela once. That was interesting. I did see a fake Westwood once - one of the "Anglomania" t-shirts.
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Was this fake Fendi being sold in Saks? That seems fairly unlikely. What did this fake Margiela look like? That does seem quite interesting. Most people don't know Carol Christian Poell, and as it is the brand is rather undiscernable albeit their unique styling. Brands that are not faked are as stated boutique "in" brands. For example Six-Seven-Eight-Six(?) or Ghost.
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Was this fake Fendi being sold in Saks? That seems fairly unlikely.
No, I had it in my possession, and decided to see whether the salespeople at Sak's had that much eye for detail.
What did this fake Margiela look like?
It was one of striped long-sleeved tees.  It was a pretty decent quality cotton jersey with thick blue and heathered grey stripes .  Had the label and everything.  I couldn't tell that it was fake, but someone (the owner) told me it was.  Wierd.  Most people hear "Margiela" and say, "who?"  (That *was* my point about Schonberger et al.)  But I guess that the piece was pretty simple.  I can't imagine a ripoff artist sitting in some garret looking at one of Margiela's two dress-shirts as one pieces and thinking, "Hmmm...  I bet I could do this cheaply and make a bundle."
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Thanks a lot for all of the infos, guys. Can I also ask about these stocks of V2 ties? I haven't bought anything from this seller and haven't really found something that really interest me, but just for the sake of comparison. http://stores.ebay.com/blueber....splay=2 And how about this Ferre tie? I've seen a few repeated postings of the same item, usually ended up with a buyer. The seller mentioned to me that he is willing to refund S&H too if it were not authentic. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....ry=2995
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The Versace tie - a fake. The Ferre tie looks authentic - as does the Versace tie the same seller is also selling. Check it out details for future reference. The Versace Classic tag is the current style, and is consistent with the logo on the back of the small end (also the current Versace Classic tag, which has changed in the last two or three years.) Moreover, the Greek Key motif is a common motif in Versace pieces. The Medusa head, as previously mentioned, is generally only used in the mainline stuff. Personally, I think that the Medusa thing is sort of creepy. Ultimately, the best way to avoid being ripped off is to study, study, study... Shop (or window shop) a lot at reputable brick-and-mortar stores (i.e. Traffic or Maxfield LA, not Joe's hack store in the garment district. Chances are, Joe is selling knockoffs too.) Ask boutique owners and buyers (salespeople are generally just drones) pointed questions. Take classes at a fashion institute. Pay attention to detail - if you really like fashion, and are willing to put an honest effort into learning about it, you are already up one on the counterfeiters, who, like most dishonest people, are generally stupid as well as venal. They always make mistakes because they have no respect for their craft. Despite what others on this board may say, I advocate strongly against buying designer clothing on Ebay unless you are truly knowledgeable. And even then, stick with sellers with whom you get a good vibe, good feedback, and who offer some kind of guarantee of authenticity and condition.
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