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Hot damn. That's gorgeous.
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Haha, Thanks Butch!
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Dang, dat wood doe!

How long does it take for you to build something like that?
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Thanks GF! I suppose around 400-500 hours, I don't really keep after the time.
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Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba View Post

Thanks GF! I suppose around 400-500 hours, I don't really keep after the time.

Wow, that's a lot more than I thought -- that's super cool you have this as a hobby. I imagine it's pretty therapeutic.

Do you sell these on the side? I bet you could fetch some good coin building custom furniture for people. Sorry if these questions have been asked before; I don't venture into this thread that often.
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It's enjoyable, especially for a project like this where I'm given artistic license. This one is a commission project.

I've basically run out of room for furniture in my house, so I enjoy being able to spend time building a project that is not constrained by my own needs.
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Truly inspiring stuff, SG.
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Thank you!
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Moved into my new place and could not figure out a solution to mounting above my fireplace. I had used a normal mount in my last place but in my new place it all seemed so much higher, maybe due to the smaller room size. We originally had the TV off to the side on stand but it was just taking too much room in the space, after some online searching I found some mounts that pull down and in front of the fireplace. Now I know that a lot of people hate tv above fireplaces to begin haha, but I have a 2 year old son and If he's watching tv in the living room while having a snack I do not want him staring up above the fireplace. 


Ending up picking up the "Right Height" mount from https://www.dynamicmounting.com/product/right-height-mount/#home-content-phase1


Great communication from the owner Kurt as I had a few questions he promptly responded to before I ordered, and shipping to Canada only took a couple days. They do offer a small rebate for posting about the experience and product and because it works great and was the perfect solution I am happy to share my thoughts. Package was shipped in foam to protect it, so was in great condition on arrival. Instructions looked super confusing at first but the details included were actually very technical and informative once you got into it, with exact specs for downward travel and shelf depth clearance. In the end it's just finding your studs, making sure it's centered, popping in 4 lag screws and then putting the brackets on the tv. Very simple.


Up next, getting a paintable cover for the bracket (they include it in the more expensive mounts but not the one I picked up), and working on the cable management over the weekend. I think I will mount the cable box to the back of the TV and get one of those paintable cable hider things to run along the ledge.


Some quick pics I snapped last night.







Perfect Saturday morning snack height haha


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AwesomeSideTable 567k .jpg file

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Patio set for daughter and friends

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Real nice!

Stone is nice for outdoor dining tables.
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Thanks SG.

We also have the Schultz1966 set. That lacquered top is really nice too.
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Getting into French polish with shellac only. Amazing how low effort French Polish is if you learn to do it right. No sanding, no waiting for 72 hours to let the layers dry. No wonder it was used so widely for 100s of years, it is fantastic technique. I cannot imagine why it was forgotten and we all switched to stupid building layers and sanding them down masochism.
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Im looking for metallic design of chairs with table, for a modern coffee shop.

What will be my key word in looking specific chairs?

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