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i have one of the single-armed longer lounge versions of the LC3, and it's nice for basic lounging. If you want to do hours at a time, you'll want a decent pillow for the head. Can confirm that it's superior as a bedroom lounge compared to a Dixon Bird Chair.

It's in tan fabric now, but dog drool accumulation while disassembling tennis balls has resulted in a few stains. I'd kind of like a lilac color.
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Do to the recent success of building my study my wife has decided to order one of her own (makes a pouty lip, ect). So I'm busy in the workshop building her bookcases in the coming weeks, which will be quite similar to mine but half the height and made in a combination of mahogany and sapele. For this I sourced true mahogany for the veneered back panels and sapele for the carcass.

For the top corners, which will be bearing the weight of the books, I chose to do dovetailed corners. Recently in building my TV console I used a technique in which one pares to the line after sawing the dovetails, however, my sawing has been improving so I decided to use a technique in this case where ones saws to a knife line. Sawing to the line allows the fit up to have a slight amount of compression, which will help create a stronger joint, and infact should glueup with less error.


Two more to go;


And here is a mockup of the veneers for the back panels;


This will be bookmatched in sequence along the piece.
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How fast are you now? To me it looks like enormous amount of work until final finish is applied and cured. Also , did you post TV console before, I must have missed that?
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Faster than before but my setup has improved substantially. Dovetailing alone is tough to compare, I was working in 5/4 walnut for the TV console which was 18" deep. These are in 4/4 mahogany milled to .625" and only 11.5" deep. I feel I've improved because my fitting time has gone from hours to minutes.

I did post the console, but I can post it up again later today.
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SG that is gorgeous work. Well done, sir.
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Thanks for the compliment!
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NYC (or close) residents - I have a new piece of smoked grey glass 38x76x1/2 that is too small for my intended use.


1k last week - will sell for 350 next week.



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Just had two of these Milo Baughman settes recovered.




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Somber color but what a lovely shape. Kudos to you for giving them new life.
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Somber? If it helps I'm having a companion chair recovered in this:




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Originally Posted by lefty View Post

Just had two of these Milo Baughman settes recovered.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Looks comfy. Would sit.
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The sofas are great, I like the color.

I need to update on those bookcases as they are moving along nicely at this point.

Finally starting to do some work on my upstairs staircase, I've never been so excited to paint in my life. Started with the room that's being transitioned into my wife's study, white walls and a light grey ceiling. Now continuing that through the common area of the upstairs and into the stairwell. Slowly turning the place white as we start to put a full effort into the upstairs.

Our house has good bones, but the drywall finishing was about as terrible as would pass. Feels good to finally go through it and smooth everything, one room has literally taken a 12lb bucket of drywall compound to clean up the walls. I won't be surprised if the staircase ends up taking twice as much, as I can see every seam, there are plenty of nail pops to fix, and some other wonky bits of work to clean up. In fact, whomever was hired to do the work originally should be banished from the construction world.

Eventually I'll do a similar bit of woodwork to this staircase as I did to the stairwell going into the basement.
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Wall problems? Heh everything is relative , they say...
Free standing plaster revealed itself , once my guys start cutting for copper-pipe channels.

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LOL, far worse indeed. I like those doors though.
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