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If you knew how big the mark for second hand design furniture is, you wouldn't laugh.

It was Artichoke lamps, Seven chair, CH24, Swan, Egg, Ox, Teddybear etc. etc. etc.
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Almost forgot, I got 2 Bing & Grøndahl porcelain bowls for the dog at an antique store, thats going out of business the other day, $25 for both.

All other bowls I could find were ceramic and about $100-200 a bowl.
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What are we looking at in the second picture, SG?
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The second part is a batten for the top, I made three of those in total and they will be joined using a sliding dovetail. The reason for joining them in this fashion is that it will help to retain the top's flatness while allowing it to expand and contract without binding.
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Sorry for the ugly injury, lost control of my floats. ( like a file with chisel shapes teeth).

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Just picked up these bad boys for a new DR table. Smoked glass top ordered.



My transformation into Bob Guccione begins.



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Just steer clear of the toupee.
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Interesting, have not seen this before. How did you come up with this design?
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I've had a feeling since the beginning that I would need something to trap the joint, even a super tightly fitted joint has some movement in it. The movement is amplified at the tabletop.

This just sort of came to me in some experimenting yesterday, everything else I was coming up with was a bit 'rube Goldberg'.

I plan to trim the bottoms as well. If the contrast starts to annoy me at some point before I'm finished with the table I may replace them with white ash.
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