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I like chair, chair is cool, keep chair.
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Furo, what else is happening in there? fireplace? tv?
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Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba View Post

Furo, what else is happening in there? fireplace? tv?

sadly no fireplace - the original builders put a gas fireplace in the opposite side of the house where there isn't room for much else besides dining perhaps.

in this room there's going to be a TV yes, and that's why I'm shopping around for a vintage credenza, or I may commission a special build from the guy I linked to earlier.

not pictured yet are two sofas that arrive tomorrow, which may make it too tight for either of the danish chairs - in which case I may move a sofa to a different room, not sure yet.

here's a shot of what the two chairs look like in the same space in natural light this morning:

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oh brudder.
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I like the chairs and table, but I don't get the rug. Too small, or too isolated. Maybe it will cohere once everything is in place, but not yet.
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the perspective of the shot does not help but it does allude to a problem I have with some of the danish furniture: its diminutive size.

otherwise, i don't think it's fair to judge furo on a place that appears to be a rental before he is finished.
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Average height for a man in denmark is 6'0" and i suspect many of them have danish furniture.
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I'm not here to have an anthropological debate but it is a fact that most of that vintage danish stuff is of a smallish scale. Chairs sit lower to the ground. Dressers have less space. I'm not saying that you can't fit in it, but I am saying that said lowness and lack of space can be an issue when putting in in contemporarily built spaces and expecting 21st century livability. Attitudes have changed, dramatically, between when a lot of that stuff was designed and built, and now.
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Chart is in cm.

Average upright seating height is 18.9 for 95% of men. Lounge angle is 10 degrees which would reduce the seating height to 15.2" for a lounge chair that would work for 95% of men. Most danish lounge chairs wind up pretty close to that number.

They are scaled for people. I don't understand your point about 21st century livability in the context which you put it.
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i find danish lounge chairs, like those two chairs, sit awfully close to the floor. Closer than many other contemporary chairs. In the case of the apartment shown, the top of the chairs is below the handle of the door (the chair in the background is roughly in the same plane as the door). Look at the height of the bottom of the window - an adult sitting in the chair can barely even see out the window.

I find Danish dressers to be small for my needs.

This is what I mean when I talk about 21st century standards. I'm not trying to be pedantic. I think those chairs look small in that room. Maybe you don't care, and that's fine, but it is a fact that they sit closer to the floor than a lot of other stuff you'd find today.
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It's a well known fact that seat hight, table height, kitchen countertop height etc. etc. have gotten bigger within the last 50-60 years.

My kitchen is from 53 (the same year as the building) and the countertop is at 84cm (33"), where a new kitchen is 90-92cm (35,43-36,22"). I believe dining chairs and dining tables have grown 2-3cm in the last 30 years, I know my mother had some issues buying chairs for her Piet Hein table, due to that reason. The Eames lounge comes in a contemporary version, which is both higher and bigger, so there's something about it.

Personally I don't find modern furniture comfortable, it's beautiful and well made, but the ergonomics are often off.
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The Wanscher chairs in question are 16.9" at the seat height. I'm willing to bet that's actually at the high end of the range of todays standards for a lounge chair, which is why I'm a bit confused as to how these don't work.

The seating height has nothing to do with the window sill height.
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Just measured a contemporary lounge chair I have and it has a 33cm seat height in the back, I'm 176cm and I find it a tad low.
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Originally Posted by furo View Post


I really like those chairs and now I want some

I probably have to get a different living room and a new couch first though.
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That rug looks like a bath mat
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