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feeling an obsession with this table at the moment.

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Work in progress, next up building an appropriate base. Waiting on the vise screw to arrive.
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Looks terrific SG.
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I don't know anything about carpentry but that corner looks superb. I am assuming a joint like that would be very expensive in a retail item.

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Look at Skinny. Dovetailin' like a mother fucker!
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Thanks fellas.
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Nice, have a shot of what it's supposed to look like when complete?
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looks like shit

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Furo, not really since I'm not working directly off of someone's plans. I plan to combine this for a traditional American tail vise, rather than the European style. They are similar benches out there, but every woodworker who builds his own bench will tend to pick and chose features depending on the kind of work that they do among other considerations.

I am building a trestle base for it, the stretchers will have a joint called a tusk tenon which allows for easy disassembly but also provides a good amount of resistance to rocking when assembled.
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This is work in progress, so all of the final fitting, finishing and such has not been completed

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Okay, I found this chair for a decent price on ebay: it's a Ole Wanscher design, true vintage piece from Denmark. I have no idea what type of wood it is, but I'm thinking beech, maybe teak? I think it's the same chair seen here: FD109 design

I want to reupholster it. Found a guy who will do the labor and foam for $60/cushion and I will supply the fabric. So, I'm thinking of this ultrasuede from Knoll:

What do you think? I have a baby and dogs, so want something that will last and can take a beating. This will go in a living room with a mid gray toned sofa and a stone-colored sofa.
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I'd like to see that in a gray or dark green solid tweed.
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I'd suggest off white linen or some wool fabric in vintage pale blue. I don't feel that navy blue at all.

Skinny, that worktable looks fantastic. I respect how serious you take the craftsmanship ,quite rare these days especially as a hobby.

Fellas what is this thing called and who makes it? Anyone tried ?
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How will the off white linen and pale blue wool (or tweed as SH suggested) do against stains and considerable wear?

I'm just a bit leery of any fabric that can't be treated with a water-based cleanser. Is this fabric below similar to an off-white linen? because it looks great:

and here's how it might look in a grey:

and pale blue:

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If that is your concern, make sure you have zippers (and foam that can handle a bit of manhandling) and get something that is machine washable.

Make it easy to deal with stains
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