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The balls don't flow into the base. The base is build over a metal structure to weigh it down.
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Okay. The base must be quite heavy then to compensate. Its a nice contrast. Looks like it could fall over but won´t.
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Originally Posted by mafoofan View Post

Just saw this vase at Capellini and picked it up:


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What is your criticism of it?
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If you can find a positive post from unnamed player about anything at all, I would be shocked.
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That is so awful I don't know where to begin.

But one has to start somewhere: even if one could get on board with the concept of a tweed patchwork chair stylized penis bong, it looks like a bad art school project. It has no utility. It is ugly. It looks like a stylized penis. Sorry, I couldn't get on board with that after all.
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What does the fact that the balls do not fit the shaft say about the quality or artisanship of the object?

Not trying to be a bag of dicks about it, but for all the nitpicking over quality, function, needs and resources, etc etc., this seems like a pretty glaring thing to ignore.
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It looks like a disaster in the making, but I feel that way about most top-heavy art glass. Dick shaped or otherwise.
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I live in San Francisco. All art glass looks like a disaster in the making to me. We have a cool piece of stained glass, but it is very firmly attached to the structure and will only be a problem if the building collapses.

I may as well offer it up for critique and ridicule.

The piece is about 24" wide and 16" high, and is framed on the top and bottom only. The side edges expose the rippled edge of the glass.

Mrs. A and I collect Inuit art, mostly prints from the annual Cape Dorset collection. In this case the artist is an Inuit woman named Kenojuak Ashevak, who is the Grande Dame of Inuit art, and depicts an Inuit woman in traditional dress with a pair of arctic char rampant. Your guess is as good as mine whether she is praying to them, celebrating eating them, or giving them handies. The piece was produced in a run of 12 copies; ours is 12/12 (I always like to have the first or the last of a particular run, just because).

We call it "Our Lady of the Fishes".
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I think it's awesome.
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Thanks SG!
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that's the first time i've heard "arctic char rampant" in my life.
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Apparently "hauriant" is more technically correct, or perhaps "respectant".
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