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Chairs, all of them undecided. The Eames elliptical was not the first low oval table.

I've been considering the tuxedo settee by BassamFellows and knowing myself a pair of Corbu chairs on the opposite side. Also, my fiancé wants me to move the Eames lounge and ottoman out of the bedroom so that will probably end up in the same room as well.
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The Eames Lounge Chair will certainly go well with it.
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Where is the nonplussed smiley when using an IPad?
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Lawrence Peabody Dining Chairs with Knoll upholstery.

Seems like they would make a nice dining table if you want something padded.
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Where is the nonplussed smiley when using an IPad?


Didn´t use an ipad.

By the way,if you want something to go with your eames lounge chair. I picked one of these up recently

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Verner Panton's barboy. Interesting, but I have a Danish teak bar cart. I'll probably end up putting a Nelson table with the Eames lounge once it is officially banished from the bedroom.

Trying to make room for a dressing table in the bedroom.
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If its the one i´m thinking of the Nelson table is a bit too simplistic for my tastes or value for money to be honest. I´d like to pick up one of his coconut chairs one day but space is a problem at the moment. I´m thinking of getting rid of my LC4 to make some space but can´t bring myself to do it. The list of things I want is relatively short but expensive to boot. An Eileen Gray Bibendum is near the top of the list with an eames lounge chair and the coconut. An Eileen Gray Menton table is up there as well but i am having trouble with the Black surface when the table is lying flat rather than upright. I´d prefer it grey on both sides.
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I find tables that compliment the Eames lounge to be very few. I don't like the coconut at all, so that swap would be a hard sell for me. Which one works better in you house?
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Here's a couple of coffe tables I like, and which I feel could work with an Eames lounge (though I'll happily hear why anyone think they wouldn't):

Brenton by Vioski


Gueridon Bas by Jean Prouve


And I just bough this, but in a darker veneer and with slightly shorter legs, which on mine have been set at an angle so they are slightly splayed out

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I have a barboy.
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Those tables are not that good.
Here is palate cleanser:
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Klismos chairs in burl elm or walnut . -will look good around white marble, Saarinen dining table.
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I would honestly like to take an axe to that room. 



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What, you need more polished bronze? The room is like you puked a bunch of classics out in white, but it has the table I like and the chair I have in white leather.

I like most of those pieces individually but not all in the same room, and the Eames lounge is very strange used in this context. It's usually a stand alone piece or used in place of a chaise.

Should I chose a new picture or can we debate tables for the Eames lounge? I'm starting to think that the Nelson table is going to be too much all in the same spot. I'm going to end up continuing to use it without a side table for that reason.
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Might do the the side table of this one instead, so that I can drag it outside when I want to drink/smoke out there in the summer.
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