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Ok, here are some of the ideas that I have been kicking around:

There is a bar that faces into this room, I plan to use wooden stools and change the facade from this yellow color to 1/4 sawn oak.
White or some shade of grey with white trim for the walls
Changing the blinds for a single drape mounted in a recessed track
Cowhide rug in cream, tan or light grey.
The wall is overdue for artwork, I've been considering 4 small works arranged together.

These tight spaces are superbly difficult to work with, however I'm of the opposite opinion however that Bauhaus must be held to these ideals and cannot be used. Your insight and suggestions are helpful, but appreciating that I'm being genuine when I say I am planning changes would be helpful.
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I was about to say the same thing as SH exactly when he did. I find a lot of your pics very jarring to the eye. Is it possible to step back and take some wider shots to get a better sense of the room?


Don't get the cowhide. It's about as done as done can be.



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Here you go, have at it. I know it's rarely SF's approach to be helpful without being catty, but I'll play along.

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What is the large wooden thing in the left foreground? The table hidden on the right? 

What is this room? It's purpose?


Not trying to be catty, but this looks jammed and uncomfortable.



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I may be biased, but I think it's entirely possible to furnish small, intimate spaces with modern furniture. From a practical purpose, some of the spaces that SH posted don't work if you want to actually interact with another person. I think it is important to not overpower the small space with furniture, though. SG, it looks like that space is just off the kitchen? If so, would it be better suited as a dining area?
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Well, thats not wood. The table is a wall hung tv console. It's about as minimal as it gets for the application. I use the room as a parlor. I have a need for two seats and use it routinely.

It may look jammed from a cell phone picture, but I find it comfortable in real life.


That's possible, but I really don't have a need for a breakfast room and a dining room.
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Dark pic. It looks like a tough space to make work. 


Maybe stop adding furniture and start with repainting, window covering, and floor resurfacing, then add back only the furniture that makes sense. I think SH advice was bang on.


A great space underfurnished is far more interesting than a meh room filled with collectable furniture.



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I really want this chaise longue.



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Floors likely won't change until these are just no longer workable, then they will likely be black walnut. I may change the base molding, I think I would enjoy something simpler and taller, but I have a feeling that it will look out of place with the crown molding, window molding, ect. If those are changed it would be impossible for me not to change it in the entire house.

So the to-do list so far looks very simple, change the window dressing to a curtain. I would like to do one on a recessed track. Paint the walls white or light grey with white molding. It would probably look best with white.

Wood facades are unlikely as wall covers for this space, but I think it would fit the look of the house to build out the bar in quartered oak.
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Not a fan of roman shades. I also think you need something to soften this corner. I would consider floor to ceiling drapes, though that third window is a problem.  Something to draw the eye up. Probably lose the ceiling fixture. 


With your woodworking skills I can't imagine a quick sand on the floors would be that tough. A larger moulding might help as long as it stayed balanced with the windows.


Have you considered moving?



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Fixture stays, floor to ceiling drapes sound good, I can make it turn the corner so that when drawn it covers all 3 windows. Not sure where your vision is failing you but the floors perfectly flat and in a satin finish, so no need to deploy my skills.

I'm kicking around a larger molding, ditching the 1/4 round and having something that is about 5" tall, flat and cut on a 45 on the top. Accomplishes a minimalist vibe without making the window molding appear out of place. Painted white.

I'll consider moving, but it depends is your craftsman house still outfitted with gold drapes and wall to wall carpet on the stairs? tongue.gif
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I think you're best off with recessed window treatments. I'm not sure how you can get around that corner window using drapes without cluttering it.
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I probably should have refinished those stairs, but the carpet really helped keep the noise down. Drapes were bronze. Just resold for 15% less that I got for it. You could have picked up a deal.


Take a look at restoration hardware for affordable ftc drapes. They have some nice heavy linen that might work.


If you redo the baseboard without a shoe mould or quarter round consider raising it 1/4" or so. Chances are the floor is not perfectly level and that will help hide any discrepancy. Also looks cool in a square board.


My only issue with the floor is colour. Neither here nor there. Very light or very dark would make for a better room. Something softer for a rug as well.


Good luck.



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I did ask specifically about restoration about 5 pages ago. The floors are walnut, I don't believe there to be a choice of only maple or wenge, there is a full spectrum.
Glad you like the drapes from restoration, they look promising. Their furniture is cheap shit, but their hardware and accessories have been decent so far for me.

Would it not make it look worse if the gap were uneven at points? Nice idea though.

I'm picking on you, I like that house, but $900/month in heating bills, no thanks. I have stock in PSE&G but I don't need to be the reason why they had a successful 1/4.
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It depends. If the floor is relatively even it's not that big a deal. Actually, the place I'm in right now has baseboards that are on the floor with no quarter round and they look fine.


A friend did the raised bb (he used square 1x8's) and I thought it looked pretty good, but he had very old herringbone floors.


I'll take some pics of my temp place today and post them in the cribs thread. It has heavy silk floor to ceiling drapes.



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Sounds like a plan, I look forward to checking it out. 1x8 is pretty substantial, they will go well with my 2" pant cuffs.

I like the idea of the raised molding, I have sort of admired the walls that simply end the facade with about a 1/2" gap off the floor, no molding, but I realize it to be out of place in this house. So this is a nice in-between.

The ceiling fixture that you suggest I launch into the bin is in fact from restoration, it's quite decent as long as you only look and don't touch (chintzy chrome) they did a decent job with the lacquered glass aspect of it. I'm sure they copied it from a worthwhile design, but I've yet to find the original, so I have remained happy with it.
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