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For my last big tree I built a simple cross stand out of some old pine and screwed that directly into the base. As I put it into place I realized that there's was nothing that I could put on the tree that would make it look any better, so I left it unadorned.


Old school, but kind of modern.



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Since I will someday have to have my own real tree...I had better start stocking up on these if I ever see them at a thrift/vintage store...because $32 for 4 is a wee bit pricey for a piece of twisted wire.

post #1398 of 8694 trees.

I want to build a curtain rod from stainless steel. do you guys have any suggestions on nice, modern, curtains?

Edit, NM, I think I like recessed a lot better.
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SG- that bubinga table is impressive! Beautiful work, and interesting design.
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Thank you!
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Restoration seems to have a decent selection of linen drapes. Have you guys any suggestions on the clips used for installing these in the track? There must be something decent out there?

For the pull I think I will have something turned out of walnut, or made in stainless.

These are just Brain droppings unless you guys would like to add suggestion and turn it into discussion. I feel as if there is a lot of uncharted territory in the land of 'modern' when talking about details, such as drapes, wall coverings, ect
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Back on topic I suppose. Made two of these tops, both walnut burl (true burls, not stump) and Macassar ebony. These are live edge veneers over Baltic birch plywood.


I'll post a pic finished with the base as soon as they are finished.

Here is a smaller one I made for myself, Macassar ebony only, no burl. Base is maple in black lacquer and the stand offs are walnut. I'm staying true to form with horrible photography of my work.



I'll take some less saturated pics tomorrow with daylight, ran out of time today. My walls are actually pale yellow.
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Those are quite pretty.

But the reflections in the first pic totally look like somebody was doing some huge lines off of your table.
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Lol! Thanks, hopefully better pics to fallow.
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Ok, slightly better:

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That finish! drool.gif

I'm finally done finishing all of the parts of the McCobb table, and can bring them inside from the shed to finish curing. I built up quite a finish on it, so I expect it to be very durable. I just need some Renaissance Wax now. SG- how long do you usually wait to wax over Waterlox and use a piece of furniture? Have you ever noticed Waterlox yellowing over time?
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Thanks, I can only take credit for the prep on the finish, I have a finisher who does wonders with lacquer and other high gloss. This one is a commercial finish that wont be affected by spills of scotch or cognac. Cigar ashes should have little effect on it as well.

I give waterlox a couple days to 'gas out' then wax, you can use it shortly after waxing. It'll continue to harden over a month or so, like most finishes. It won't yellow like poly in my experience, but it will darken, as will the wood.
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Sounds like the perfect product.

Modernica sent me a $50 coupon for some reason, maybe because I ordered a RAR on GILT? So, I picked up a mini wire table, for which I have a perfect spot in my wall unit, for half price.

One of these days, I will pick up a case study planter on the walnut stand.
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What do you plan to use the wire table for, I've always had trouble putting them to use. That planter is awesome!
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More to fallow

Walnut Burl and macassar ebony. Some of the things i did on this that I feel make it different. I ran the grain on the edge trim vertically, which was a pretty difficult. Normally one would run it horizontally. It matches the grain on the top pretty closely.

Both burls are in sequence, they're part of a small set. These are some of the largest single pieces of walnut burl I've ever seen, so I was happy to put them to use and keep the entire piece whole.
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