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Lecia digital cameras are not worth it, at least until they catch up in-terms of the sensors. For a reasonable priced digital starter camera that captures the simplicity of lecia's check out this Panasonic . No crazy zoom. No super high 15mega pixels that only reduce overall quality. F2.0 at 24mm 2.8 at 60mm. The ability to manual focus.
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The Leica (watch your spelling, Serg) version of that is the D-Lux 4. The Panasonic version is less expensive and has the same Japanese-made Leica optics, but the Leica version does in fact offer more features and I believe it also has a better image processor, so it's not just a matter of paying for brand cachet.
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Indeed there is a Leica version. It is probably not worth the extra money but who cares. Both are great.
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True, the the real point is that having a manual focus option and getting RAW files from a camera you can literally pocket is really fantastic, whichever model you opt for.
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Good start. #2 is my favorite by far. Nicely composed and exposed. A really sensitive portrait.
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A recent favorite shot with the 50 Summilux. Chinese tourists in Ginza, Tokyo.

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One little detail: don't drop your camera like I did the other day. $150 to replace the no-longer-made lens hood. The camera and lens seem fine. Could have been much worse.

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Originally Posted by Artisan Fan View Post

Indeed, and my own stupidity is to blame. I was carrying it with the strap slung over one sholder instead of bandolier style. I stumbled going up a set of granite steps, and when I instinctively reachad out to catch myself, the camera went down.

I don't mind the paint loss, but the ding above the stap lug and the ruined hood I could live without. Still, the most easily replaceable part took the blow, so it could have been much worse.
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damn i fell down the stairs once with camera on on shoulder fortunately i grabbed the camera and put my hands up high as i fell into the steps... lol i walked away with pretty banged up knees and elbows but the camera was perfectly fine
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Ouch! It hurts. I dropped my D80 a little while back when I tried to pull it behind my hoodie. It slipped forward, instead of backward toward my neck. Luckily, the camera landed perfectly on its base, and the only damage was to the lens's shutter leaves. The lens was promptly sent back to Nikon for repair and is now as good as new. Yes, it could've been a lot worse.
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i just purchased a d-lux 4. will post some pics when i get it. thank you amazon rebate checks
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got my dlux-4 last week, been trying to find some interesting things to take photos of. just fixed my t4 as well. so should have my hands busy. certainly not the best photographer...but trying...the colors on this beast is so vivid. never had a lens like this before.

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just bought the C-Lux-3, should have it on friday!
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