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Where to find it??

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Hi Everyone, This is my first post at styleforum.com. I decided to post because of all the highly informative people here. My question is, does anyone know where I can find a black velvet sport jacket or blazer or suit jacket and about how much it will cost? Thanks in advance, CL
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I'm sure that there are more expensive quality ones out there that we'll hear about (I actually saw an Yves Saint Laurent one at a Nordstroms Rack about 4 months back for 750 bucks), but just recently I saw one at H&M for 50 bucks. None in my size though, , so I'd also like to know.
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Polo has two listed on their web site: http://www.polo.com/cgi-bin....nav=lhn
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Tommy Hilfigure has some out this season that are nice fitting. They also have a ticket pocket and double vents. Otherwise I'd check eBay for one.
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Thanx for you fast responses. spinlps: The jackets you gave me a link to look great. Unfortunately, they are too small for me. I can wear a size 48L or 50L suit jacket. There is one on there that is an XL. Does anyone happen to know what numbers this translates into? Mike: Excuse my ingnorance, but who is H&M? Mike C.: I will check the Tommy website for my size
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H&M is a store. Kinda like Express- edgey, modern stuff. Good prices, but I'm unsure of their prices. Obviously not the same standards as Brioni and such but good for people on a budget. I don't know where your located at but their stores are mainly east coast and such. The only one I've ever been to was in Chicago, on Michigan Avenue, when I went there last weekend.
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Your post about the black velvet sportcoat conjures up this one episode of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy that I saw; this particular episode was a holiday get together of many of the straight guys and their girlfriends.  Anyhow, Carson was wearing what looked to be a dark plum colored velvet sportcoat with a french cuff shirt.  It looked pretty nice actually.
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Mike: I live in Detroit. Are there any stores here? Do they have a website? Pink22m: The outfit that i plan to wear is along with the same lines as Carson's. I would wear the black vevlet jacket with a white, frenched cuff tuxedo shirt untuck with the first one or two buttons undone. I will either find some big flashy "diamond" cuff links or wear it without any at all. Which option do u guys think would look best. On the bottom half, i will wear black widelegged dress pants with some sleek pointed two Kenneth Coles. What do u guys think of this outfit? Any suggestions that would make it look better or supplement it?
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I'm from the Detroit area myself. Nope, none around here. Like I was saying though, the Nordstrom Rack at Great Lakes Crossing had some in november. The one I remember most was the one that was 750, but there were some other ones there too. Might give it a try.
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Keep an eye out on Ebay. Every now and then, gorgeous black velvet jackets from the fall 2000 Gucci men's collection are listed at next to nothing compared to the retail. Whenever I see them, they're always NWT as well. I don't know if you're the type that likes to have everything from the current season, but if you don't mind having something from a couple years ago, do an Ebay search every couple days.
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