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Howie's - nice stuff

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Howies I really like the philosophy of this company (read some of the articles on their ideals). There seems to be an active or outdoors vibe to their apparel. Very relaxed, but very durable and comfortable. I've heard great things about their denim, and they have a selvage pair as well. Organic cotton tees and hoodies, Merino base layers and fleeces--I urge anyone that hasn't tried merino for layering to do so. Merino's natural moisture-wicking properties are far superior to that of underarmour, dri-fit, etc. A lot of their gear is currently on sale, some of you might want to give it a shot. They do ship to the U.S.A.
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Looks like some nice stuff. Do you know if the jeans are button-fly and how they are cut? Dan
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With the dollar to pounds exchange, plus the shipping / export tariffs, we who are on the other side of the pond are going to be royally screwed when ordering. Alas, items look fascinating. Jon.
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Decent looking clothes, could use a little less of the agenda. The parkas look comfy.
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On the record: their denim is awesome. Heavy weight, excellent quality and a nice, updated cut. Dan, the cut is loose and relaxed. They're about equivalent to the APC Anglaise or Nudie Loose Frank, for reference.
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Does anyone have any experience with their t-shirts, particularly how they fit and how long they are? I'm thinking about buying some blanks.
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A Scottish buddy of mine swears by them. All the clothes are slightly relaxed fit, but not fat guy relaxed. Think One True Saxon or 6876. The medium fits me pretty well, for reference.
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UK stores only, huh?
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