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There are 150 people online right now, let's see how long this takes... I have one. First to PM me gets the goods....and yes this will work for CPs. I would have done it but I decided my impulse buying has to stop at $100 otherwise I'm screwed.
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Sold to sam5304. Drizzt got to me first (only by a few mins) and I just couldn't bring myself to pass it his way. No offense to drizzt, it just didn't seem right. If anyone finds out sam5304 is drizzt's alter ego, feel free to ridicule the lad.
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i got one. members with 30 or more posts and registered before august 2008, pm me for it. gone!
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EDIT: Gone to Francis91. I have one as well. To rid myself of the temptation, the first pm - from someone who hasn't already gotten one - gets it. Says it doesn't work for the brands listed on first page (e.g. Common Projects).
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I have one. First guy to send me a bottle of Glenlivet 15 gets it. Or, if you don't have a bottle of Glenlivet to send me, you need to guess where I live. Yeah, it's pretty easy, so get to it. Oh, you have to be a contributing member, i.e. more than 100 posts.
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Edit: Gone. My first post and I'm happy to give! Another code here for anyone who wants it...
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i've got one as well. please note it expires 10/25 so please plan to use it immediately.
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I really don't need to use any more money.

PM me within the next half and hour telling me what they are going to get, and I'll send the code to the person whose choice is coolest or at least, sucks least.

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Gone! Gotta use it by the 25th though...

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They expire tommorow! if anyone has one that i can use tonight id appreciate it. Thanks!
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af1snaikboi - Hopefully I'll be able to send you a PM now.
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Got one as well, first to PM, though I might not be able to reply until later tonight.
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I'd got one too.Valid thru Oct 25. PM me if anyone wants it. Thanks
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