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I've made a huge mistake

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Well, I hope it's niot huge (thanks to GOB for the subject) I found exactly what I had been looking for in a navy suit at the thrift store yesterday and was even more thrilled when it fit. I must have gotten so excited that i negleted a thorough check. Turns out, it has a fairly noticable moth hole on the left arm. If it were less apparent or elsewhere, no biggie, but I'm kind of stressing out. It was not a lot of money, but I really desperately want it to work since I doubt I'll get this lucky again. Can anything be done about moth holes on worsted wool? Its about 1-2 cm in diameter.. Thanks in advance guys nick.
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First of all, calm down. Remember, if the suit has a huge moth hole in it that can't be repaired, you didn't "get lucky." You got a suit with a moth hole in it. Second, the hole you are describing is fairly sizeable, though not unfixable. A good reweaver would be able to do a passable job for anywhere from $75 to $150. However, it will never look quite right, if you know what I mean. You could use an iron on patch as a cheap alternative, but this will look very bad under such a sizeable hole. What kind of suit is this? My guess is that you could get a better suit, that fits just as well, for not so much more than it would cost to reweave. And with the new suit you'll never be second-guessing how the sleeve looks, which you will be bound to do with this used suit IMO.
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Consider it learning tax. There will be more thrift store suits. Keep looking regularly and find several to hit a few times per month. Remember, there's some reason why it's in the thrift store. Very often it's because there's some sort of damage (moth hole, etc.). Not infrequently, though, it's because somebody got too big for his suit and just sent it off to the thrift store. Hang in there. I've been thrift shopping for about a year now and the finds sometimes are remarkable. Very often they're nonexistent. It takes persistent looking and a knowledge of what you're looking for. Hang out on the Style Forum and you'll pick up the knowledge over time.
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Hang on to the pants, then it's not a total loss. Who is the suit by?
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What about macaroni -- let me finish -- salad
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It is not inexpensive to have a reweave done,but I feel I've found the best in "Without a Trace" reweavers out of Chicago. ( I sent them two very expensive Mariano Rubinacci suits which had moth damage up high,near the lapels and shoulders. Linda and the staff there couldn't be nicer or more efficient.In two weeks and about $160.00 later the suits returned with a new lease on life.They left basting stitches in to show the areas that were repaired and I swear,under closest scrutiny(under a halogen reading light), I could not find the rewoven areas. She said the brand that is her greatest challenge is Brioni,because their fabrics contain so many colors.So,take heart,if your prized suit has damage,it can be restored,and to perfection.
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