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I have to say, as to the "inappropriate" comments, i.e. "It would be weird to wear a suit every day," I think this kind of thing seems typically an American problem (ps- I was born in Illinois). I think the casual trend in America has become the new ostentation- we're so successful that we need not even bother to look nice. Ah, the times should soon be a'changin'.

The thing is, what makes the suit great over a polo shirt and chinos is that it looks cleaner. Nicer. I don't wear a suit every day, but I wear a tie M-Th (I'm a public school teacher). I get nasty comments quite often from my co-workers, but that's because they frequently look sloppy and don't like to see someone who doesn't adhere to their standard of dressing down to the LCD.

So, wear your suit and be proud! Unless you're in sales, then dress how your client will like you the best
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I agree with a lot of the sarcasm in this discussion. I am a student and I tend to go for the casual sport coat/trouser/button down shirt/4inhand tied loosely around the neck look. The tienot being tied all the way takes the edge off but doesn't look sloppy. (For an example think maybe, how Jim from The Office wears his ties).

Despite the sarcasm (which is really funny) one question that I think is behind it is the 'how' you can go from not-suit-everyday to suit-everyday. One option is to shell out a crapload of money in the beginning. Another would be buy a bunch of cheap suits which is no good either. The other is to start slow, buy a few useful pieces (some staples) and a variety of shirts and ties (and pocket squares?) to mix things up. Furthermore, there is nothing wrong with coat sans tie either. Nor is there anything wrong with tie and V-neck sweater. One can always look smart without being in a suit.

Also, dressing for others (other than your love interest or partner) is kind of lame. Dressing to be 'guy X' sounds pretentious. It's like carrying around Being and Time or saying you are an existentialist or a post-Marxist to look intelligent or interesting.
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Hey, as a post-Marxist existentialist, I resent that!
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I had the OP's notion myself about a year ago. I started reading up on suits and after New Year's resolved to wear a coat and tie everyday. I'm an elementary school teacher so this brought a lot of comments the first couple weeks, now everyone is used to it and I get comments if I don't wear a tie. However, the two roadblocks to the "every day" goal were weekends when I spend most of my time doing house cleaning, maintenance, and yard work and then summer vacation when there are plenty of days I don't leave my property. I had no interest in putting on and removing a suit several times a day depending on how much manual labor I was doing. And of course I'm not interested in a suit while spending my summer days lounging in an inflatable pool. So, OP, I say go for it; I'll be interested to know what you do on weekends and your days off from work. Good luck.
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Originally Posted by sanrensho View Post
My uncle is a congressman, and since being elected to office many years ago, I have NEVER seen him in anything other than a suit, tie and suspenders on any day or night of the week. He is one of the coolest guys I have ever met.

But...wearing a suit/tie while lounging around the house? That is just plain strange.

True - much better to wear shirt, knit tie, cardigan, comfortable trousers, flashy socks, and slippers or slip-ons. (I suppose a bow or other tie may be substituted to good effect.)
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Interface, do what does (or will) make you happy, and f**k the nay-sayers. What is fascinating is that those who ask why would want to, don't expect to have to answer the same question about why they wear what they wear. Not to mention that they are asking you to be a conformist - that is, to conform to them, even as they call you a "suit" or some other remark that suggests that you're giving in to something. And even as they tell you what you should try wearing instead. That's just wearing their uniform. And, of course, the answer to the question of "why does it matter what you wear?" is "Precisely". Do it if you want it. Take it gradually at first, make sure you've got the right stuff, you feel good in it, it fits properly, and you have plenty of it. You don't need to go for high-end stuff, but since you will be wearing it often, go for good quality, and remember it's an investment in your new look. Start off adding an element here, another one there. However, there is only so far you can go gradually, and you will at some point have to dive into the whole thing. BTW, the exact same advice applies if you want to: 1. wear Hawaiian shirts every day 2. wear pink every day 3. wear burlap every day
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KMZ is right: "Interface, do what does (or will) make you happy, and f**k the nay-sayers."

It's your life and you only got one of it (here right now, on Earth with these people), regardless if you believe in the afterlife or not. Don't even have to ask, just do.

Wear what you want when you want and don't conform to anyone's opinions. I mean it's not like your saying you want to wear your Speedos 24/7. Plus, you'll always look sharp
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Originally Posted by OzDresser View Post
I'm not interested in a suit while spending my summer days lounging in an inflatable pool.

Do it!
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One of my colleagues wears a suit or at least a tie and jacket or sweater daily, even when he's not working. No one I know has ever seen him without a tie.
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Originally Posted by JayJay View Post
One of my colleagues wears a suit or at least a tie and jacket or sweater daily, even when he's not working. No one I know has ever seen him without a tie.
You're lucky. The rest of us have to cope with being non-conformist.
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Originally Posted by Sator View Post
Now that is stylish.
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Interface has my support - I sort of know how he feels. Almost 5 years ago, I decided I wanted to smarten up, so I started wearing ties with my casual outfits while cutting out jeans completely. From there, it was all about building a kind of offbeat gentleman's wardrobe and my other basics followed suit. I'd only forgo ties when I wanted to wear trainers or t-shirts, and even then, I'd be wearing something smart(ish) with them. Despite this variety, I've a firmly cemented rep as "that dude who's always wearing ties", which only really became true when I got a job which required a suit, but even before that, I'd already settled on the sportcoat/blazer/orphaned suit jacket and relaxed trousers with ties/scarves/cravats looks I'm now posting to SF, so I had it coming, but the true versatility I've gained is being able to go almost anywhere with my look in terms of occasions and venues. I'm now pretty much done with t-shirts with rare exceptions, not including housework and as undershirts. While there's nothing ironic about my intentions, I try to make my looks seem fun because I hope it allows people to get over any negative preconceived notions of a smartly or semi-smartly dressed guy. If you aren't comfortable with your look, people can tell and they'll probably bust you for it KMX has it right - just go for it.
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Originally Posted by teddieriley View Post
Someone wants to be Barney Stinson from CBS's "How I Met Your Mother." Don't do it. You're not Barney. Indeed, Barney is not even real. It's just a TV show.
Haha - I have to comment on this. I'm not Barney, but since this summer I'm damn well trying, and I'm getting there. I'm currently in the phasing in part and I recommend this tip. I don't wear suits regularly (senior year of college), but I've upgraded to better brands, better fit and more formal stuff... and within the last couple of months friends have adapted to it. I generally wear a sportcoat / cardigan when I go out, and try to have a tie on as often as possible, increasing that from never to about twice a week now. My reflexes still don't want me to stick out - and I don't think that urge is necessarily a bad thing, either - but I'm trying to look like what I think looks good. And I'm not trying to hide it. Yes, I want to be better dressed than you. Yes, I'm enjoying it, because I look damned good. No reason to be ashamed of that.
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