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Originally Posted by Willsw View Post

I already had respect for you, but now it's God-like status.
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Originally Posted by teddieriley View Post
Someone wants to be Barney Stinson from CBS's "How I Met Your Mother." Don't do it. You're not Barney. Indeed, Barney is not even real. It's just a TV show.

Legen...wait for it...DARY!

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Originally Posted by DocHolliday View Post
Why? Doesn't it seem a bit uptight, a bit Nixon on the beach?

Originally Posted by Interface View Post
I hadn't even heard of that guy until now.

I'm just glad the second post wasn't referring to the first ...
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i think its a bit strange, especially at your age. i've been wearing a suit and tie, M-F, for the past 8 years and there's nothing better than coming home and taking it off.
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Try the Tom Ford look. No tie during the day, and that man looks amazingly classy!
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Originally Posted by crpz32 View Post

Interview with Donald Trump


Do you think about what you wear every day?

Not too much, as I know what I'll wear every day, which is a suit. It saves time, and I know I'll look appropriate. I have too much to think about to devote a lot of time to it.

You can get the same benefit by enlisting in the military.
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why would you want to wear a suit everyday, even on the weekends when sitting around the house? That just doesn't seem appropriate nor comfortable. Do you have that many suits (or the money to buy that many)? I'm all for dressing well, my office, though white collar, is relatively casual and very few people, even partners, wear a suit and tie on a daily basis, though I'll wear a suit 3-4 times a week. But it just seems like you'll be completely out of place in so many settings and it won't look good.
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Why not just go for the sports coat with slacks look. It would seem when done right you would be more appropriately dressed for everyday life. A suit will come off as way to uptight especially if you don't have a lot of experience wearing suits. Plus you can mix and match pieces from your wardrobe to have a lot more looks.
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I wear "dress clothes" for maybe 80hrs + a week. It is not too unusaul for me to have to leave for work at 6am and not get home till after 10pm as I entertain client in the evening allot. For my a suit is just as comfortable as jeans amd a t shirt - I used it to it. I also size my collars maybe .5" larger then my neck. My neck measures 15.5" and I wear a 16" collar (MTM most times). I can't say my tei ever bothers me and I never think of loosening it until I get home to take it off. Size your shirt right and your neck shoudl feel fine.

As for suit around the house? Why? I don't want to wear out my $1k+ outfit when I could be wearing out my $50 jeans and $20 T shirt.
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"Dress clothes", by it's strict definition, means you wear full dress ie morning dress and then change into white tie when you go out in the evening. If that is what you do, I tip my hat to you, Sir.

I fall far short of that ideal and merely wear a coat and tie whenever I go out of the house - even if it is just to buy a newspaper on the weekend. After a while, you and everyone around you, gets used to it.
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Originally Posted by Interface View Post
I want to start wearing a suit and a tie every day. Even when I'm not working. Even when I'm just sitting at home. Even when I go to school. I want to do it because it looks good.

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Originally Posted by acidicboy View Post

I can't stop laughing.
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I swear I had something legitimate to say until I saw that^^.

Oh, yeah. Interface, I have to call you out on the avatar. Can you give us the reasoning behind that? Because Mugabe is about as admirable as Milosevic or Pinochet, and combined with your new dress ethic it gives off a bit of a weird vibe.

Just saying. Which, of course, under Mugabe would get me shot.

And don't wear suits at home, you'll spill stuff on them.

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William Burroughs was known to be a suit-wearer, but even he got into more comfortable things when he went into his back yard to practice shooting.

Don't start wearing suits from one day to the next. That will look strange. Take small steps towards your desired look. Try the "Horatio Cane"-look a couple of weeks, before you put on a tie.
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