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Robert Graham shirts

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So I'm a serious noob when it comes to developing my own style that doesn't consist of clearance-rack dept store clothes.

I work in an environment where people can wear whatever they want, no matter how ratty it is... So if I came in over-dressed, I don't think it would be appropriate. We're an IT shop, and pretty eclectic at that ... I've been looking at some Robert Graham shirts that have the contrasted cuffs ( link ) and I like them. I hear absolutely no mention of Robert Graham stuff here, and I'm wondering are they out of style or are they junk?

Thanks for helping out this guy who's finally learning how to dress himself.
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I would recommend against them; contrast cuff make one look too eccentric, especially in a low-key environment.
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A few years back I picked up a couple Robert Graham shirts at a discount store for about $40 each, needless to say I dont wear them anymore. Honestly the shirts are way too flashy and busy for myself, this is the kind of "going out clubbing shirts", and if you are willing to spend $200 on a shirt, there are some far better options (check out the forum affilliates at the top of the page)
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Robert Graham are very nice high quality shirts, but they are extremely loud for the most part. If you are shopping at the Rack stores, try looking at some shirts that are a little more calm. Bugatchi, Faconnable, and Tailorbyrd are a good start. Same fit too.
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I have one 3-4 yrs old and is still one of my favorite summer casual shirts. However, it doesn't have contrasting cuffs (I don't like them) and while extremely variegated it's very different from the ones I now see in NM, Sacks, etc. - they seem just plain ugly

Honestly, I would buy a new RG shirt if I liked one but have not been able to see anything I would wear.

Other than this - the fabric on mine is very nice, thin and soft, and has held up well to numerous washings
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If Ted Baker is the poor man's Etro/Paul Smith....Robert Graham is the bum's.
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I found a subtle paisley pattern shirt of theirs with french cuffs. I tailored the shit out of it and it was a beautiful shirt until I sold it due to being poor as fuck.
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I have a couple of fairly subtle patterned powder blue and black RG shirts. The quality is ok and I really like the fabric, but the cut!! I would also have to 'tailor the shit' out of them to get them to a nice fit. Both were presents from my fiance.

If I were shopping for a few reasonably priced casual shirts (I worked in a similar office environment to the one you describe), I'd start looking at Ben Sherman, Modern Amusement, Merc and a whole heap of other brands that the good folk here could no-doubt recommend.
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The funny thing was that in the description it said "expertly tailored for the perfect fit", the small fit on me like a fucking poncho and I'm not a scrawny guy by any standard. I had it shortened 2-3 inches as well as slimmed significantly.
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