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Django, of course.
Absolutely. Also - Charlie Watts
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Also - Charlie Watts
I'll second Charlie.
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My 2nd favourite Stone
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I'll also put a vote in for Charlie Watts. There is a picture of him on my wall clipped out of the GQ issue featuring the most stylish musicians of all time, wearing a dark suit, white spread-collar shirt with french cuff shirt, and a great tie. And, you have to admit, the drum set makes a hell of an accessory.
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Two of my favorite pianists (both for playing and style): Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli: Vladimir Horowitz: koji
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Vladimir Horowitz: koji
Funny - I was just about to post the same image of Horowitz.
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I thought he was particularly debonair from the 1940's-50's. And speaking of Horowitz: "Pianist to be announced" is yours truly. I was told this particular Steinway of Horowitz's he used almost exclusively from the 40's until his retirement in 1952. Needless to say, I'm thrilled and honoured to be playing on it, can't wait to see what it does (even in my limited hands) koji
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MUSICIAN . I'll see your debonair and raise you two stylish-es.
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Must have been a pleasure (and somewhat of a challenge) to make Lenny's shirts. How slim fitting did he like his tux shirts? koji
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Shoreman, the Killers are constantly Slimane-clad, everytime I've seen em. Kind of sad that I like their designer but hate them so much. Which is Phoenix single right now?
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May I suggest Herbert von Karajan and Arturo Toscanini? I have videos of both --- who were always impeccably dressed, but I don't know how to take screen shots while playing the videos on my computer.
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I submit,Miles.
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I'd say Miles pre "We Want Miles" in the 80's. The jheri curl and hammer pants were a bit much. A.
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You silly youngsters. May I present.... Tony
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Pinchas Zukerman is always beautifully dressed.
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