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hello all..

sorry to revive an old thread. having left vancouver for london a decade ago, i only go snowboarding once or twice a year now. so, while i've gotten quite into bespoke clothing and clothing in general, i am totally out of the know in terms of good quality snowboard gear. my snowboarding pants and jacket are about 15 years old. i would like to replace them with something that is good quality (keeps me dry in vancouver/pacific northwests wet conditions), looks good (nothing with tons of logos blasted everywhere, just somethign simple)...

any suggestions for brands? which are the best brands out there for this type of gear? i remember buying a Burton jacket about 18 years ago, but it lasted less than a season before a huge rip in the seam appeared without any provocation or misuse..Burton only offered to fix it and i remember being a kid without my snowboard jacket for weeks while they fixed it. anyways so i'm still scarred from the Burton experience - other brands welcome! i can purchase in vancouver or washington state

thanks a lot