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Casual boots

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Now that winter is coming and I'm back in a climate where I have to worry about the snow, I've decided to get a pair of boots.  I don't want anything too fancy since most of the time I dress very casual (most of my wardrobe is Diesel, PDC, etc.).  I also don't want to break the bank.  I really like these: I really like the soles.  Also, I really like Prada Sport stuff (despite the fact that I don't own any Prada Sport shoes).  But I can't find them in my size on eBay and I know they're a few seasons old.  Do you think it'd be possible to find them or something similar in an outlet somewhere?  Is it even possible to find Prada Sport stuff at outlets?  I've never seen them at Off 5th before.  I live in the DC metro area, if that helps at all. Also, I'm not completely attached to these and would really appreciate it if someone could make any reccomendations for boots that might be similar in style.  Thanks in advance.
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neiman marcus last call usually carries prada sport stuff (there was a tonne of running type shoes there two weeks ago) otherwise, the prada outlet itself is called space (i know where the european ones are but not sure if there is a north american one other than likely woodbury commons in new york)
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Blundstone is my personal favorite. Inexpensive, high quality, easy to kick off if you drop battery acid on them
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First of all, I really and sick of Prada Sport stuff, especially any of the molded sole, square-toe, stuff. It just seems so 1997 to me - and not the good 1997 stuff like Helmut Lang's suits or the Jil Sander's early mens sportswear, either. With that said, there are a lot of this type of boot on currrently, selling for between $250 and $300. Good luck.
post #5 of 5 Try these UK-made Grenson brogue leather boots (style called IIkley. They come in two colours, cyclone or tan gorse as shown in the site) with commando rubber welted soles. They are good looking, classic yet casual, comfortable and yet durable as these boots are designed for the UK country weather, ie damp and muddy.
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