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Shoe blisters

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A few weeks ago, I got caught in an unexpected snowstorm while wearing my EG/RLPL Cardiffs.  (The very last time I leave the house without checking the weather forecast beforehand.)  I had to trudge through snow and slush, but made sure to wipe the shoes dry and stuff them with newspaper as soon as I got home.  Unfortunately, both shoes developed small raised discolorations resembling a mosquito bite or a blister at the tip where the upper meets the sole.  A saleslady at Alden told me that this "blistering" occurs when the shoe sucks up water, which gets underneath the surface of the leather, and that there is nothing I can do about it now.  So, shoe mavens of the forum, is she right?  Or is there something I can do to rectify the situation?  Thanks in advance.
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i can't help - just wanted to say, I feel your pain.
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What color is the leather?
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I hope someone's able to help you. After a couple recent issues with nice shoes and bad weather, I'm starting to question the durability of these shoes. They're beautiful, yes, but if they have to be treated with kid gloves, wearing them seems almost to be abuse. dan
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I had almost the same thing happen to a pair of Greens. I got the blisters but without discoloration. It took several weeks for the blisters to subside, and even now they are visible on close inspection. The discoloration may be due to salt, especially if it's white. I would wash it with a damp sponge/cloth and some mild detergent and then apply cream and polish when dry.
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