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Glasses as accessory ok?

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Hi - I just found this forum a week ago and thought it might be a good place to ask a question that I can't think of anywhere else to ask (for fear of getting laughed at, haha). Ok, I do NOT wear any prescription, don't need any (maybe some reading glasses but dont even really need them). Now a buddy of mine got some new frames for his glasses and I thought they looked cool so I tried them on. I could only stand to wear them for 30 seconds before the presription made me dizzy, but I LOVED the way the frames looked on me. Even my buddy said damn they suit you more than me. So now I'ev been thinking, is it weird to get some frames with plain lenses just for the "look"? They were Burberry frames. Do people do that? I know you can get very light lenses sunglasses, but I've never seen any with the look of these Burberry frames. Part of me is thinking I must be nuts to go buy 200-300 dollar frames and put plain lenses in them. So now I'm thinking the store would look at me weird and people will start asking if I had been wearing contacts Any thoughts? Thanks.
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Not crazy at all. I've done it, and I'm sure lots of people have. No one at the eyeglass place will look at your weird, that's for sure. But 200-300 dollars is a lot for something like glasses when they are so readily available at heavy discounts. Dan
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They were Burberry Model 8999. I looked on the web and strangely some sites listed them as unisex and some as womens??? The glasses place helped him pick them out. It's harder to find good prices I think in Canada and by the time I order them online the duties, taxes, shipping brings stuff to the same price I think. Do you just get plain lenses, or do you get some kind of UV coated, anti-reflective but no presription? Thanks.
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As to what lenses to put in the glasses, I would definitely speak to an optomatrist. Basically you want whatever is going to be least noticeable. I don't know if this is limited to the NY store, but you may want to give them a call and find out. Perhaps you can order over the phone: James Leonard Opticians - Presidents Day Sale 2/07/2005 2/28/2005 Hours: Mon, Wed, Fri 10am-7pm/Tue, Thu 10am-8pm/Sat 10am-6pm For the month of February, don't miss this incredible opportunity to purchase new designer eyewear (sunglasses or eyeglasses) at up to 85 percent off retail prices. Face a Face, Silhouette, La Font, Christian Dior, Giorgio Armani, Fendi, Accuflex, Prada, Gucci, LA Eyeworks, Modo, Fiction, 2.5, Swissflex, Kimiko, Donna Karan and many more. Eyeglasses and sunglasses will start at $40. Eye exams are by appointment only. Purchase new designer styles at a fraction of their cost. They now accept Flexible Spending, EyeMed, Coast to Coast and UFT. Special promotions for the month of February include: Varilux & Zeiss progressive lenses are $50 off Single vision plastic lenses are $50 All other lenses are 20 percent off Complete pair of eyeglasses for $75 on limited supply. Restrictions apply. Payment Type: Cash/MC/VISA/AMEX/DIS Address: 1010 2nd Ave (near 53rd St) New York, NY 10022 (212) 753-7733 Dan
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Nothing wrong with wearing glasses as an accessory. I googled the eyeglasses in question and you should be able to get something similar at discount without any problem. Not the Burberry model but I would say there are tons of glasses that look almost identical without the hefty price. I think I have a pair of Guess glasses from ages ago that look the same (in black).
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I must say that I am torn with this subject. As someone who has crappy eyes, I do all I can not to wear glasses. I have worn contacts for 17 years. But, I just got a new pair of glasses for the occasional break of the contacts. A really nice pair of Brooks Brothers. And they look damn good on me. I get comments all of the time. Except my daughter says I look funny with glasses(she's only 4). If you can stand wearing them, go for it. After awhile, I get headaches from the lack of peripheral vision, and have to pop the contacts back in.
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sorry but this is ridiculous to me...
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I'm someone who needs glasses, wears them (as opposed to contacts) and appreciates them as a stylish accessory. That being said, I think wearing glasses is a right reserved for the people who need them; in other words, the bonus I get for having the misfortune of less-than-perfect eyes is an excellent excuse for a great accessory. You can wear your fake glasses, but just hope that no one finds out "” true glasses wearers will scoff, and non-glasses wearers might find you a bit affected. Maybe you should try a stylish arm sling, leg cast or other non-essential medical accessory instead.
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I hear the pirate eye patch is regaining in popularity along with a coordinated pirate shirt. A hook is optional.
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Ugh. It's a costume. Why not rock a hearing aid? Novacheck oxygen tank?
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I don't have a problem with this, but in looking at the style of the frames, I think it's quite likely that you could find a pair of over-the-counter reading glasses in an extremely similar style and much cheaper ($10-$15). Just get the lowest magnification level they have - usually +100. That way, if someone asks, you have a legitimate reason for wearing the glasses. Bradford
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If you're Tara Reid and trying to get people to take you more seriously, yes.  Everyone else, no.
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You can't really wear reading glasses 'around'. You could always get them made with polarized, UV protected glass and say that they are for driving to cut glare and protect your eyes when you don't need shades or something. This does sound kind of ridiculous, but honestly, who cares? Anyone with tassel loafers or silk 'pocket square' cannot make fun of you for wearing a completely non functional accessory, IMO.
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Ok thanks guys for the replies (both for and against). In fact I was sort of on the fence with some of the "against" opinions and the "for" opinions which is why I came here to see if there was a consensus. Seems I'm back to where I started, haha. Seriously though, I appreciate the input. Oh and I'll look into a coordinated arm-sling and eye-patch as someone mentioned  
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