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Mitchells & Richards sale

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I might check it out at the opening. Anybody else going?
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I went to Newton. Nothing really special. Some nice Zegna suits, but still $800 at the cheapest, which rings up at about 60% off. I don't think Richard's/Mitchell's shirting is all that good -- the best they have at Filene's is some Armani. Slim to none pickings on the shoes. Didn't see any knitwear that caught my eye -- indeed, I didn't see much knitwear at all. Only a few sportcoats to speak of. Not much variety in the way of pants. Good deal on Pantherella cotton lisle socks. Some nice deals on ties, though. Talbott Best of Class for $25, which is good. Brioni ties, etc. are decent, though the prices are equivalent to Ebay. FB did get a shipment of Borrelli shirts, though, with a few suits mixed in. The suits are super expensive, and there are only a few. But there is some nice shirting for $150 - $200 per. Also looks like they got a new shipment of Brioni shirts in, though they are still $199. Worth stopping by if you are close, but not worth a long drive IMO.
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Stopped in Boston this morning on the way to work. Besides the Borrelli shirts and some pants, I wasn't all that impressed. I would imagine the Louis Boston goods will proably be better since they had a lot of stuff at their sale.
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Louis is scheduled to arrive on Sunday Feb. 20th, BTW. Also, there is a pair of Edward Greens at Downtown Crossing, I was told. Dainite sole, pebble grain leather in an Edwardian Antique type color. Algonquin style. Size 8.5 US I think. $299.
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E.G.'s were still there when I went by. Original shoe box w/o shoe bags. Original price of $750. Price is 299.00
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As to the Louis offerings at FB Boston, I believe that while the sale will be advertised in the Sunday papers of 20 Feb., the goods don't go out till Monday the 21st. That's what a friendly salesman told me, anyhow. I suppose I might have misunderstood but as I was at the Newton Basement yesterday and they had nothing that other posters have described above, the Sunday ad, Monday merchandise pattern would seem to apply. I'm sure I'll be tempted by something.
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E.G.'s were still there when I went by.  Original shoe box w/o shoe bags.  Original price of $750.  Price is 299.00
They're not there anymore--I bought 'em, figured somebody here would want 'em. Hell, I just paid $465. for my Exeters + shipping, and am content (would have preferred $299...) . This is one of E. Green's more popular models, no? I figure someone would probably pay $400. on ebay, though I'd rather sell 'em here for a small finder's fee, and make some SF shoe fetishist's  day. If not, I'd probably just return them. BTW, JNorman3-- what do you mean "Algonquin Style"; is this an official E. Green appellation? Does it refer to the grained "country calf" & dainite sole?
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I was referring to the general style -- it is what Brooks Brothers calls "algonquin." Narrow, slightly squared split toe.
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I think EG calls this shoe the Dover, if it's the one I'm thinking of.
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Yes it is the Dover, 606 last in mahogany country calf w/ Dainite soles, 8/8.5 D. Nice looking shoos, as Master b8man might put it. slightly OT-- Did anyone else notice the rather intense brown Borrelli croco belt, at least 1.5" up to possibly 2" wide ? $200 marked down from $800.
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