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Yeah. What's wrong with it?
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Well, first off, I think the wash is kinda ugly.  Did you notice the streaks on the arms?  What's up with those?  I don't like that the sholder seams are so far from the shoulder, which makes me think that the jacket may be cut a little funky.  And I don't like that the button placket and button hole placket doesn't have any differentiation on it. By this I mean that there is no seem that actually makes the placket a placket.  I'm also not a fan of the vertical slit pockets.   As much as I think most of what they make is shit, The Gap makes a pretty good, classic denim jacket.  They are cut slightly boxy though, if you are very thin.  Other than that, they are pretty nice. What is your body type, and what size are you?  Have you checked ebay? Dan
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kabert, I wear a vintage Levi's jacket that I just picked up at a thrift store in December. Almost bought a new Levi's jacket at JC Penney's, but they're all relaxed fit and I'm thin enough that everything is usually already relaxed fit on me. Almost fell over backwards when the first thrift store jacket I tried on actually fit. BTW, I love the jacket...not because it's vintage, because it fits... Were people thinner in the '60's? Sorry to get carried away ...I'd suggest thrift stores or ebay unless you like the newer "washes" (I don't especially).
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Thinman : yes, obviously people were thinner in the 60s . If you want slim denim jacket, you have helmut lang "slim" line : I tried a size 46 (eu) on, and I could barely move my arms... .luc
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Luc, thanks for the helmut lang slim line tip. Already have a denim jacket, but I'll check them out for other items. I really am tough to fit.
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What's the consensus on denim jackets with motorcycle-type collars, like this? This one's in cord, but you get the idear. Little sleeker than the straight collar, but less classic?
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I love the Levi's classic trucker (sized in inches, no pockets), but have never gotten one. I think they're still available new but difficult to find. Anyway, I was in Walmart the other day, and I'll tell you, I've never bought an item of clothing there, but this denim jacket caught my eye. It's branded under the Levi's line they are now carrying, but this particular dark denim jacket is identical to the red-tab version (this is the one w/ sized S,M,L), except that it does not have a tab on the pocket and the inside label looks different than regular Levi's. I tried on the small and it fit, so I bought it - at $29.97 a bargain.
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No one beats a 52-61 Levis jacket.
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