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polo style shirts

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Hey All, I was just sitting here listening to the snow melting as was thinking about what to wear when the weather starts warming up. I am in a new job, so what I was wearing last spring doesn't really fit.(job and the fact that I lost 75lbs) I was never much of a polo shirt wearer, but they are starting to appeal to me lately. What kinds do people prefer? I just went out and got a few Izod, I like them, but the're a little blousey. I have had, RL before, but was not crazy about them. What are the opinions of Brooks Brothers and Lands End? Love some of the colors offered at Lands End.
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For pure fit, to be honest I like J. Crew the best. They are pretty slim, but not overly so, with a short hem that looks great untucked. I like Purple Label quality a lot, but they cut their hems too long to keep untucked. I've never tried any designer polo shirts -- they've always seemed to expensive for what they are used for (summer wear). I'd never go out at night in a polo style shirt (save for a casual dinner during warm nights), and would never wear one to work, so why would I drop $150 on one?
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RL custom fit are great and not too long. Though Nautica is not endorsed often on this board, I think they make a great polo shirt. Not as blousy as RL's standard polo, IMO. And they wear well after numerous washings. Can usually be had for <$30. Can't say I like the Land's End. They look great at first, but seem to lose some shape after a few washes.
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Antigua, my very favorite. I love the clasic golf stylung and they have some materials that are unoque to them.
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I actually forgot about J. Crew. Now that I can fit in their stuff, I should check them out.
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My favorite are TM Lewin -Tom
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Fred Perry for styling and classic mod/skinhead cred, but not the most comfortable or soft fabrics. For a surprisingly good one that for me has held up very well over a lot of use and washing, try the Covington Performance Polo from Sears (yeah, really). The only thing about these is they are cut pretty long. I tuck mine in as a work shirt most of the time though. The collar on this one has held up extremely well, getting softer but keeping its shape. I will buy a few more when they are on sale. Be sure to try them on, don't just go by a listed size. In polo shirts and sweaters I usually have to get a small, even though I am a 40R, because they are usually sized really big. BTW, congrats on losing the weight. How did you do it, if you don't mind telling?
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Bobby Jones makes a great golf shit. koji
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The oh so trendy lo-carb way. The South Beach specifically. Worked great for me though.
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I've recently bought a bunch of Lands' End polos - and a stack of other LE items - and I've been very happy with 'em so far. Plenty of nice colors and patterns, as you said. A tip: Ask LE to e-mail you the complete measurements - center-back length, chest size, etc - for a range of sizes, not just the size you might be. I find I have to go a couple of sizes down for a slim fit.
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First of all congrats on the weight loss. I don't know if it's more than you want to spend, but I would recommend Lacoste polos. I find the material, fit, and colours to be superior to anything I've found at a department store, Eddie Bauer, etc. Plus they last forever. A black one that I have has lasted for 4 summers now and still looks brand new (it is always handwashed though). Hope this helps. A.
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I still push for RL. You can machine was and dry them without any problems, they keep their colors, have probably the widest assortment of sizes and colors, and feature the best attached logo, it's always embroidered, never a glued-on patch. Often found on sale at Bloomingdales, etc... Jon. I have yet to try on American Apparels items, I should really take a trip to Miami to check them out.
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