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Will the Vass representative take measurements or does he represent RTW only? Will
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Can I bring my samples and leather swatches?
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More notes in response to questions: Yes, significant others are probably more welcome than members. For those who have asked: You're correct that the wording on the Invitation Request Confirmation Page doesn't say "you're in" and here is why: Included with your invitation, which should reach you in the mail in about a week, will be a request for you to R.S.V.P. to give us an idea of whether to expect you in the a.m., mid-day, p.m., or evening ... and how many will be in your party. That way, we can avoid overcrowding and under-wining. Or is that under-wine-ing? Oh, heck. It's meant to prevent running out of booze.
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hm. alacrity means glee or positiveness. You must mean acrimony. Otherwise, very high-class to invite him.
a·lac·ri·ty n. 1. Cheerful willingness; eagerness. 2. Speed or quickness; celerity. Cheers.
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A couple of quick notes: Yes ... we've discussed the idea of 'taking it on the road', and thanks for asking. It is a distinct possibility for the future ... after we see how the first one goes. Especially now that tiger02 has offered us four round-trip tickets to Frankfurt. Thanks, tiger.   And for those who have wondered - we purposely did not ask your Membername on the invitation request form so as to preserve the anonyminity afforded by the forum.
First class all the way, baby. Lets see some of these guys who only want you to fly cross country match that. Then again, I'm thinking you couldn't get enough business in Frankfurt to justify the time over here, even with free plane tickets. No way a German who's used to wearing sneakers with his suit--much more widespread here than in the States, by the way--is going to get fitted up for a pair of Vass. Tom
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  1. Cheerful willingness; eagerness.   2. Speed or quickness; celerity.
"Go, ribald, get you hence.  To your cabin with celerity."  --HMS Pinafore  
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Dictionary fun aside, this looks great. How many of you are planning on attending?
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I'll be there.
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Alex is currently wrapping the phone chord around his telephony rep's neck and expects that number fixed by day's end...
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"Go, ribald, get you hence. To your cabin with celerity." --HMS Pinafore
That quote is more applicable than you think.
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So when is the anti-Panel of grayson-kalra-raphael convening?
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So when is the anti-Panel of grayson-kalra-raphael convening?
Hopefully it won't convene. I have pretty reliable information that some of that triumvirate have registered under other names and are currently members. But they're behaving. As long as they do, J. feels re-banning them is unjustified, and I agree with him. I'm going to try and be there, but retail selling commitments may keep me away. Hey, Chuck, Alex, Darren, and Gabor- is there room for another, non-competing vendor?
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Alex and Chuck et al: thanks for making the effort to organize this get together. It sounds promising. However, I think it would be very helpful to understand the specific schedule/agenda/structure of this get-together. Are you all just going to be available to answer specific questions and display your wares, or will there be any demonstrations, presentations, and/or discussion sessions? It is just not clear to me what specifically I might expect to learn by attending. Thanks.
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I am an admirer of Vass shoes, and own a couple pair of bespoke Budapest shoes in black and brown.  Out of fairness to those attending and to Mr. Vass, it should be noted that Gabor is not a shoemaker but a sales representative for Vass.
I hope Gabor will have a few Budapesters on display. Really nice shoes; pictures don't do them justice. Question to Mitchell: Do you wear your Budapesters with suits or with casual clothes? Both? I really like the Budapester style, it is my favorite casual shoe style. Mine are Scotch grain in cognac (triple-stitch Kielman) and dark brown (Vass). For dress I prefer the English style, but in the future I may try a pair of smooth calf or cordovan (from Kielman...Vass won't make them in cordovan) Budapesters. PS: did you receive my PM?
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Mitchellmurray - Actually, it would be quite wonderful if you and Rafael would request invitations and drop by. You I have never had the pleasure of meeting in person ... and I don't think I've seen or worked with Rafael since he was Alan Flusser's alterations man back in the 50th Street Penthouse days. Darn - that must be almost 15 years. Age just creeps on up, I guess. I would simply love to see him again and have the opportunity to share some wine with you. Do talk it over with him and see if you can manage to visit. Alex
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