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Alden of carmel

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With all this advice flying around about high-end shoes, I'm considering giving Alden of Carmel a shot, although, being a poor university student, I don't have the cash to spring for a pair of their shell cordovan models. With that in mind, I'm thinking about buying a pair of dark brown calfskin Norwegian-front shoes. Including shoe trees and shipping, the price should be about US$250... Is this a good deal for calfskin, or is there a better one out there for the price? How is the quality of construction, and the quality of the leather? (As for alternatives, I'm not looking for any particular style, but something pretty casual would be nice.) Thanks.
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Nick, you mean these shoes right: I may be selling Vass shoes but that's not going to keep me from telling you that those Alden's are great.. Definitely one of the best looking Norwegians on the market and a great value. If you want them you'd better grab them because I don't think that is the regular price. He's probably clearing out that particular model/leather combo. Nearly all my favorite Alden models are "Alden Fan" shoes - the Norwegian you are looking at, the whiskey shell cordovan saddle shoes and the Black Shell Cordovan High Lace Boot. It's been said here before but I'll say it again. If you want Aldens buy them from Adam at Alden of Carmel. Great guy, great store, great shoes.
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I have that same style of Alden shoe in black shell cordovan and also in brown, pebble-grain buffalo. The buffalo model has been discontinued, but you may want to ask Adam if he still has any around. They are nice shoes, and because they were discontinued, if he has any left, you might get them at a closeout price. These Alden Norwegians are great looking shoes, and are super comfortable (at least on my feet.) This style of shoe comes with the commando sole. The Alden "commando sole" is a great combination rubber/leather sole, and is one of the few rubber soles that looks dressy enough to wear with a suit. It has great traction, and wears well. Good luck with your purchase. Kai
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Thanks to Nick, for alerting me that Alden-of-Carmel has put some models on special offers onto their site. So I got myself a pair of plain toe bluchers in brown calfskin. (Basically the same shoes Nick is getting, but without the stitching across the vamp). Hopefully they will arrive next week.
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Hey, it weren't nothin'. Thanks to everyone for their replies - I had a feeling it was an excellent deal. But. I think I'm probably going to shoot for a slightly more adventurous shoe this time around. The split-toes would be nice to have, but I should probably go without - I don't think they mesh too well with the rest of my stuff, and they'd probably end up sitting in my closet most of the time. Does anyone have any better pictures of the shoe, or of anything in dark brown Alden calfskin? How does the finish age when properly cared for? I may still pick them up IF I still have some cash left over at the end of the month, and IF they still have my size. But until then, there's custom shirts to buy, and a seven-fold tie, and some pointed-toe black leather boots, and another suit, and a vacation, and a half-dozen pairs of Vass shoes...  
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My shoes arrived today. If there ever is an Oscar for best Internet shop, Alden-of-Carmel will get my vote.
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