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If I could please borrow your discerning eyes

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Can anyone tell from looking if this blazer is from one of the superior (Napoli/Sartoriale) or inferior (Soft/Z Zegna) lines of Ermenegildo Zegna. There is no information posted on the auction, but I thought you might be able to tell. 6x2 Navy Blazer
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Looks like older (late 80's, early 90s) mainline, though with just the one picture, nearly impossible to tell anything with any degree of certainty.
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No, it's newer. I have the same blazer. It is from the EZ line. I bought it about three years ago. Mine came with blue buttons attached (which I left on) but also came with a bag full of the brass buttons as pictured. The fabric is really nice, and there is hand stitching on the lapels and pockets. It is quite hard to tell from the pictures whether this one is of the same quality. You should maybe ask the seller if there is the pick stitching on the lapels. But, if it's like mine, it's really nice.
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Suppose it is Zegna Soft or Z Zegna - What is it worth? What is it worth if it is Sartoriale? I realize that is subjective, but what is your opinion?
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Well, we know it's not Z Zegna -- that line is newer. I doubt it's Zegna Soft -- simply not consistent styling with that line, and you can see the tags on the thing, so I doubt the seller is outright lying about the retail price. FWIW, 1450 would be consistent with the price of a Sartorial line blazer over the past few years.
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By the way, mine was made in Switzerland, and it looks like the tag in the neck of the jacket has that same label. Look, if I'm right, it's a nice blazer. What's it worth? It's worth what you are willing to pay.
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Also, from the pic I'm 90% sure this is a fully canvassed coat. If you are looking for a 6x2 blue blazer, this is going to end up at a pretty darn good price. If this is what you are looking for, it would be a steal at under $200 in my opinion.
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It's a regular-line Zegna and is not necessarily old, could be quite recent.
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Thanks for your help, I think I'll bid. I've wanted a 6x2 navy blazer for a while, and your comments in this and my other post about a navy blazer have encouraged me to bite the bullet. Thanks. corrected misspelling
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