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Yah. I just like walking through it, maybe take in some mall culture.....its really quite interesting. I just recall 90% of the stores holding no interest for me. Perhaps I can find a good soap maker or something along those lines, some handcrafted goods, etc.
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Originally Posted by Xericx View Post
going to a wedding there...so I get to rock a Barong...just got one.

Heh. I just went and tried on all of my old barongs. I forget -- they're supposed to just hang loose and drape, right? I've gotten so used to fitted Western-style clothing... :P
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^ I have some fitted ones from the 60's that belonged to my dad. Love 'em.
Originally Posted by Xericx View Post
Yeah, no real choice, staying with family for the most part. Won't have very much flexibility. I have a business contact in Bacolod that I could visit, but for the most part, I want to take as few planes as possible. A few days in Tagatay, a few day trips....Bohol. I like the more upscale places, I've done some of the more divey spots in Manila and it was a bit too dingy for me. What's the good shopping there? I know Rustans for high end...but looking for other stuff....anything unique? Not thinking that I'll spend a whole lot of cash...but probably going to Mall of Asia and Megamall.....don't remember megamall being very good though.
My avatar pic, thing is of Tagatay, taken by my brother. We've discussed this before... and no one really agreed w/ me, but I like Cornell's custom tailor. Fused suits and fairly raw handwork at buttonholes, but really inexpensive and the best I'd seen while there. Great for pants and shirts. Fusing is really light if you do get a jacket. You would need to be really specific about what you want (tight collar, high armholes or whatever Sator calls it, etc.). Get fittings. I'd also visit the Shoemart in Megamall for the handkerchief/pocketsquares. They're cotton and machine made, but come in tons of designs and colors. Those are the two things clothing-wise I look forward to visiting.
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don't come or post here often, but as evidenced by my username, i'm definitely filipino. lived in manila pretty much my whole life– now i'm here in the united states for college and (hopefully) work. nice to see a few fellow filipinos around here.
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for shopping I'd have to say mall of asia last I visited is just a stretched out megamall with perhaps a few different restaurants, but just bigger versions of the same so-so stores that megamall has. The Philippines is a great place to get cheap bespoke clothing though.
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Went to Mall of Asia the other day, wasn't really impressed. they had a marks and spencer.....a few gadget stores....other than that, it felt really like an american mall shopping experience.......Actually the best store I liked was Shoemart for their cheaper barongs...yeah, they are quite odd, it looks weird on me where the shirt is totally transparent and you can see your undershirt.
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^^ Hehe. Time to invest in some quality camisa de chinos.
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bump. I was chatting with a friend about jeans and he told me that this one shop in Bonifacio High Street, Theodore's, carries "selvage denim". Sounded interesting, I thought, maybe there are denimheads in manila besides edmond and I can make my next purchase there and support the Philippine economy. Then I googled "Theodore's Manila" and got this http://theodoresthestore.multiply.com/ ugh, everything garish and hipster that I dislike about manila fashion (actually not fashion, garish is what many people pass off as style in our parts sadly too often). So Manila-based posters (bbaquiran and acidicboy I'm looking at you) is Theodore's worth stopping by at all? Are there any decent stores at all in Manila these days? Being back in December I wasn't too impressed, even with the High Street area. Or am I missing something?
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I thought the new wing of greenbelt 5 with the higher end lines/international brands was interesting. There were several stores but some were just opening when I was there in November. http://www.ayalaland.com.ph/article_...le_destination
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i am half flip lived in manila and cebu for four years or so in the early 1980s still have family in cebu city i've got a few acres in our family island in zamboanga
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Originally Posted by denimdestroyedmylife View Post
i've got a few acres in our family island in zamboanga

Same here.
South side represent!
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You too?? I get the feeling all of SF is secretly Filipino. You all just popping up out of nowhere. At risk of sounding like a nerd, this is like the shit marvel comics just pulled where everyone's actually a skrull or something.
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Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 View Post
Same here. South side represent!
:fires machine gun into the air:
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I believe you're referring to Bendis' Secret Invasion. Was quite enjoyable. But you can't really expect much from high-profile events.
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Is this the diaspora thread? We need to have an SF meetup....at Embassy!
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