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Originally Posted by theguy View Post
The real thing also goes up in value so you can think of it as an investment you are wearing.
Thats what I tell everyone when they say im an ass for spending so much on a watch

You could probably get a second hand one for about 4k

this is a bit disingenuous though, as while the retail price typically goes up, the second hand price doest keep the same pace...the same argument is used in favor of Rolex all the time and having sold a few of those and lose money on all of them I laugh (cry a little when I think of what I could have done with the money I flushed)...

With that said, RXW used to be the best of the best re. hommages to Panerai, but he got sued and you're left with a few others of lesser quality but still good.

Speaking for myself, I breifly had an ebay Marine Militare, wasn't that nice but I sold it for at least what I paid for it...wish I could say the same about any of the Rolex watches I sold.
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I have a couple from here:

Incredibly inexpensive. Keep good time and actually look quite good with nicely finished handwinding Unitas knockoff movements. You can get a Sterile dial, so you don't have a replica, per se. I am amazed at how many compliments I get on the wire lugged model with the sandwich dial. It cost me all of $68. LOL. As the only "real" Panerai I want is an 18k Radiomir, and I am not in the mood to spend that kind of money for it, I am satisfied with these as "beaters". I am not a real Panerai nut anyway, I think they are played out. They held much more allure before the market was saturated with them. I wanted one very badly in '97, not so much now.

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Check out the Shinola watches.  They are in the price range and have a similar look to some of the Panerai.


Although I just get a Panerai and am very happy with it.

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