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Spread collars with four-in-hand knots...

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Yesterday I went to a seminar in San Francisco (a chiropractic thing).  Many of the doctors there were wearing spread collar shirts (they seem to be popular these days).  However, with only two exceptions that I noticed, they all used narrow four-in-hand tie knots.  This really bothered me for some reason.  I use a windsor knot with spread collar shirts, am I overreacting here?  Please leave opinions. -Tom
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You are not overreacting. Most men do not know how to tie more then one knot. Nor do they wish to learn how either. A four in hand is fine with a heavy woven tie. With a spread collar at least a half windsor should be tied.
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generally speaking, a half windsor or windsor knot does look better than a 4 in hand with a wide spread collar. however, i saw charlie rose wear the spread collar/4.i.h. combination a while ago and i thought it looked good on him. maybe it had to do with his long face.
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Tom:  I tend to agree with Shirtmaven and Matadorpoeta that a half windsor, or preferably a full windsor, looks most appropriate with a spread collar.  The typical four-in-hand knot--especially given that many ties are today made of thin silk and acetate, which makes tying a proper knot that much more difficult--unless tied with a hefty seven-fold tie, tends to look lost in the wilderness when combined with a full spread collar. As for Charlie Rose, I've always thought that he wore collars that were rather too small for his overall facial features.  Every time I see him my attention is drawn to the collar/face imbalance. IMHO he would do well to have his shirts made with collars that were in proportion with his head.
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I always wear spread collar shirts, and almost always use a four-in-hand. However, my ties are generally quite substantial, and would look ungainly tied with even a half-windsor.
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I do the same as MPS - I usually tie a four in hand, rarely the half Windsor with spread collared shirts. My ties are also quite substantial.
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