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Can anyone identify these shoes???

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Hello, everyone! I'm new here and am in desperate need of your help. I'm looking for a particular pair of men's shoes used for the Joker in The Dark Knight. The only information I have is from an article with quotes from costume designer Lindy Hemming. "The shoes were bought in Milan from avant-garde shoe designers and we made something like 30 pairs of them,” reveals Hemming. “We saw their work in LA and tracked them down.” The lace-up, leather brogues have perforations around the sides and heels and true to the overall distressed look are a worn and shabby black. According to Hemming it was the upward swoop of their shape, reminiscent of clown’s shoes that convinced her that they would suit Batman’s arch-rival. It is entirely possible that the shoes were modified by the costume department for the film, however, the article leads me to believe that there is a "base shoe" out there that was the starting point. Since the shoes were sourced in Milan I am in over my head. My knowledge of real designer shoes is beyond limited, so I ask for your assistance. On to the pics:
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I have no idea who designed/made those shoes and I don't think they are on many forum-members top list either.

For similar styles, have a look at:

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i think it our ever green comedy star mr.BEEAM
sreevysh corp.in
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Paul Smith has a bunch of those 'plumber's toes' models....
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Avante Garde and Milan both hint at Carol Christian Poell. They aren't going to be Paul Smith or NDC though both brands may have something similar.
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The Joker had the weirdest shoes! I do, however, like his socks very much!
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Ask Krusty the Clown who his shoe supplier is.

That should sort you out nicely.
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Thank you all for the ideas! I've got some more searching to do.

Originally Posted by houserichichi View Post
I do, however, like his socks very much!

If you are interested, the UK based Tabio is the manufacturer that supplied socks for the film. They have now made them available to the public.

Also, in case anyone may be interested, his tie was done by Turnbull & Asser.
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varvatos has similar distressed looking clown shoes.
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