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Anyone wear em? Hate em? Discuss!
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For women and sailors... gay sailors...
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I have a prince albert
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I wear one in my left cartilage that I got in high school, usually just a plain silver hoop. I've kept it as a reminder of an important personal life event, sort of like a tattoo but less permanent.
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Hate them. Although they look good on some guys, I prefer not to get any ear piercings myself.
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Originally Posted by taktikz View Post
earrings are for women and homos...

So it was written...
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On my very very lost in the fog 18th birthday my left ear got pierced. From what I was told it started as a prank by some of my buddies. They had clipped safety pins and made em look like their ears were pierced but they really weren't. So they got me going with the dare and the ice and needle and at the last second pulled the safety pins and told me it was a joke. Hah the joke was on them. Jammed the needle through my ear and just started laughing. When it was all said and done I woke up the next day with blood all over my pillow and a nice quarter carat diamond earring out of the deal. Wore it for a long time and then over the years decided to wear it less and less. Had something to do with business and making money. Now that I own the place that little quarter carat earring is worn occasionally, guess that non conforming I'll do what I feel like doing attitude is still alive, just subdued a bit from the days of my youth. LOL.

Anyway, I see no big deal if a guy has an earring. It's like anything else, it's all about what you like and if you wear it well then wear it.
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Originally Posted by Reggs View Post

Pirate style.
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The standard, run-of-the-mill, punched-with-a-gun-at-the-mall earrings are really, really lame. They take no thought or effort whatsoever. They're the equivalent of buying a flannel shirt from Wal-Mart made by a 14-year-old Indonesian because you want to look rugged. There's absolutely no correlation among an 18-gauge hole w/a little nickel hoop through it and the 2-inch septums and labrets of indigenous Alaskan, African, and New Guinea tribes.

Stretched ears are a little better because they take some time and planning and pain. But if you really want to pierce something, stick the femur of a small deer through your lip. Now that's a piercing.

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I used to have one 15 years ago. My grandfather said he would give me $20 if i never wore one again, and i havent since.
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Originally Posted by Stazy View Post
I have a prince albert
I'm screaming. Screaming.
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