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Mr. Pollock, You have in all probability the finest shoe wardrobe of anybody in this forum. You have obviously been acquiring shoes over a long period of time. Have you experienced any changes in sizing? The fact that my feet did change in size about 17 years ago makes me less rueful that I wasn't acquiring good shoes in the days of my young manhood or even early middle age.
My feet have grown a little, but not as much as Chris said they would. It is a little hard to tell, as shoes differ in size from brand to brand and even last to last, but 15-20 years ago, I usually wore 10.5B in Alden and 9.5D in Church. Now I seem to wear 10.5C in Alden, and 9.5E in most English (9F works too). I have bought both 10D and 10.5C in Grensons (USA sizing) from Bennie's and they seem to fit equally well.
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I am 48, still the same shoe size. As to increase in waist or decrease in thighs, only if one does not take adequate care.
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Should I draw the conclusion that mens' shoes have not shifted their sizes over the past 5 years? I find that women's shoe sizes keep shrinking. What was a 6.5 a few years ago is now a 6 or even a 5.5. Vanity, oh, vanity...
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I think overall the weight follows certain migratory patterns... Chest/shoulders/thighs moves to ass, love handle (left) and love handle (right). Two mnonths back at the gym and a good diet seems to have rectified the problem but my suits & pants all need alteration after dropping 25 pounds. Fotunately, this should eliminate the danger of neighborhood kids tossing buckets of water and rolling me back to the pool while shouting 'save him, save him, get him back to the sea.' Shoe width changed as did neck size. OK, so I know that I can make the lumps migrate back to their former positions but what the heck is the deal with hair? The stuff on top is fine - when do eyebrows, ears and nose decide to start sprouting???? This whole "Chia-Chuck" nonsense is alarming. Naturally I keep the garden shears in the bathroom in case of new infestation but man - this whole age thing can suck sometimes. Note: Old Age defined - when you pull a gray hair... from your earlobe. Sigh... time and gravity suck
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