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Alden Cordovan boots

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I think its important to give proper credit to certain goods when we are particularly pleased with them. I own 3 pair of Alden cordovan leather boots now. I really cant tell you how great they have held up over the years. My oldest pair is 4 years old now (color 8, chukka), and my newest are a week old (black, high lace cap toe boot), and they have never let me down. I wear them with everything from heavy tweed and flannel suits to old levis. They are so comfortable, and I wouldnt trade them for anything. They shine up like mirrors, but they look equally as good all scuffed up. No other reason for the post, i just love my Alden cordovan leather boots.
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I too have a pair of the lace-up Alden cordovan boots. Mine are in a wingtip design and lace up with hooks an inch or two above the ankle. They are positively bulletproof and, not surprisingly, are quite heavy. They are dressy enough that they are perfect to wear to the office (they are black) during the colder months, usually with a pair of gray flannel slacks (never with a suit though). A great addition to the shoe collection IMO.
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Do either of you, or anyone for that matter, have pictures of the Alden Chukka Boot in Mahogany or Cigar Shell Cordovan?
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I dont, but go to the Alden of Carmel website, www.alden-of-carmel.com, and go to Alden Fan shoes. There are many photos of what you are looking for.
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Brilliant. For those interested: Cigar Shell Cordovan Handsewn Whiskey and Mahogany Shell Cordovan (can anyone tell me which is Whiskey and which is Mahogany?)
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Voilá: For more information go to: http://www.alden-of-carmel.com http://www.aldenshop.com
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There is just something so simple about those boots. I love the thick stitching, the basic, no nonsense styling. They are just perfect boots. And they truly do look better with age, the black ones included.
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Handsewn Whiskey and Mahogany Shell Cordovan (can anyone tell me which is Whiskey and which is Mahogany?)
Whiskey is the light (golden) tan, Mahogany the dark (reddish) tan.
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Phil, Would you wear your burgundy boots in spring/summer? With a navy suit in those seasons? Thanks.
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John- I wear them all summer, but not with summer suits. The boots are chunky, and not very elegant. I wear them with extremely heavy winter suits, and tween sportcoats/flannel pants too. In fact I am wearing the color 8 chukkas today: Bills Khakis moleskin trousers Old BB button down, frayed Mimmo Spano Donegal tweed Norfolk jacket Alden color 8 chukkas I wear them with jeans and khakis in the summer. I think the lightness of a summer weight suit would clash with the rather unelegant boots. Just my opinion though.
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Phil, Thank you, that answers one question and raises another: How does one go about requesting a custom order from Alden? If anyone knows, what has been their experience.
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you can order them from the Alden store in Manhattan, on 43rd and madison. If you do, you have to pay the entire amount up front. NO EXCEPTIONS. Be prepared to wait 6 months. You can order them through Alden of Carmel, paying nothing up front, but you have to give them your cc number when you order. Also, prepare to wait about 6 months.
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Forgot to add, you can also order them from the other Alden store in NYC, on 71st and 3rd ave. You have to leave a deposit, of about $200.00. I dont know if you can contact Alden directly.
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Thanks for the suggestions.
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what are your thoughts about wearing these with suits? I used to wear ankle boots with suits, and then gave it up when I somewhat simplified my wardrobe, but I am thinking about getting a couple pair of similar boots (maybe from Vass) and integrating them again in my wardrobe. I am not particularly dainty, and usually wear midnight blue or charcoal gray suits. any ideas welcome
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