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How does Hugo, Boss's line of casual clothing, compare to CK, DKNY, and Kenneth Cole?
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As near as I can tell, the quality of construction and materials doesn't differ too much between those four lines. So, it all comes down to which appeals to you most aesthetically. Of those choices, I personally lean towards DKNY, though I tend to go elsewhere altogether for casual/sportswear.
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I think Hugo Boss is a little more formal than Kenneth Cole and such. For example, I rarely wear Hugo to class...I would much rather wear Diesel, Kenneth Cole, or Ralph Lauren. But going out at night, or when I need to dress up for an event, I believe not too many clothing lines beat Hugo. But this is a very biased opinion, since Hugo is one of my favorite designers.
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I agree with pstoller in terms of quality of construction, but note that Hugo is significantly more expensive than CK, DKNY, or Kenneth Cole (well, in my neck of the woods, anyway.) I've seen $100+ Hugo t-shirts, which is nothing compared to a $200+ Dolce & Gabbana, but most similar CK/DKNY/KC stuff is less than half that. Also, I only see Hugo in specialized men's shops and one large department store, whereas the others are in most major department stores. Of the four, I prefer Hugo - the others have a similarity in patterns and colors which I don't like, though I vastly prefer the BOSS line in general.
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I like Hugo, its great for younger guys. The prices are about the same as Energie.
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I think that Hugo is of a little better quality than Kenneth Cole and DKNY, and of about the same quality as cK. I find Hugo a little over-priced for the style and quality that they offer, though. For street and club wear, I highly recommend going to funkier, indepedent labels.
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LA Guy: any recommendations as to funky independent labels?
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I would like to bring up the fact that the Hugo Boss brand is more diversified ready-made fashion house than all the above. It basicly depends then on which of the three major labels, and even colored sub-labels, you are talking about. I personally like Boss orange label, or red label Hugo, both of which are higher in quality, design, and pricepoint than DKNY, CK, or Kenneth Cole IMO. There is also Baldessarini which is the highest end of the Hugo Boss line, and definitely well above those labels.
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Timothy: the diversification angle was reflected in the original question (no pun intended. To keep things mildly on topic, I have found Hugo goes on sale faster than Boss. If it's end of season or just the slightly trendier nature of the Hugo line, I don't know.
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