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Deep down inside, isn't everyone? That is certainly orthodox Christian doctrine. I try to mask my inner assholishness with a veneer of kindness, cordiality, civility, social gentility, etc., but I probably don't always succeed.
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I have my moments, but wisdom (defined as fear and greed) has mellowed me somewhat.
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Originally Posted by Connemara View Post
IRL I am very nice, maybe too nice. Behind the shield that is my monitor I am an ITG and a huge gaping asshole.

You're not a nice guy, you're a pussy. Although the line is ice thin, it's definitely there.
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Mainly no, although I generally have one following me around all day.
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I fail at social niceties.
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Formerly with extreme prejudice. Now far more selectively.
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Originally Posted by denimdestroyedmylife View Post
I am a good person to know. But the internet can bring out my worst traits.
not picking on you in particular, but I've never really gotten this. Putting aside the ITG arguments for a while - as that is really easy to explain, I have met a couple of guys from the web whose online personalities were nothing like what I expected. Basically I think my internet personality and my sitting-at-a-bar personality are pretty much the same. Maybe people who have sat at a bar with me would disagree. But Ive met my share of internet peeps over the years, from SF mostly, but elsewhere too, and I got thinking about this the first time I met RJMan a few years ago. This may surprise some (it surprised me), but having a drink with RJ is a remarkably snark free experience. I went in looking forward to meeting someone with a razor sharp wit who would pull me apart. In the end I met someone who is really very pleasant to hang out with. I actually like both of RJ's personalities btw, I think he is about the funniest guy on the board, and a very nice guy to hang out with, but I just never quite got the discrepancy. Globetrotter on the other hand, is exactly as he seems. Straightforward, open, honest, and can get a little passionate on a topic if pressed. Online and offline match. I chat to a few of forum guys on IM too. Conne made some remark up above, but I think he is another mileage-varies case. Chatting with him, he seems a lot more career focussed and grounded than his forum persona would have you believe. Never met the guy, can't verify. And...wait for it...Jon. Chat to him online, very pleasant, easygoing. Let him loose on the forum and..well, we know how that ends. Anyhow, just some random ramblings on something I have occasionally pondered. How about you guys? Do your on and offline personalities match?
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online im a cool cat, offline im a pathetic human being.
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Originally Posted by West24 View Post
online im a cool cat, offline im a pathetic human being.

Probably got those two switched around.

But ya never know.
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Originally Posted by kwilkinson View Post
Probably got those two switched around.

But ya never know.

well atleast im not a loser in both!

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Many people have referred to me as "sharp" and not as a compliment. I often also hear that I am "blunt" or "rude". I guess all of the above are code for asshole...
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Yeah, I tend to be.
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Interesting question. IRL I'm well-mannered, respectful and good natured. But I also do not mince my words and have no issue with expressing my opinion no matter how unpopular it is. Some people call that trait of mine as being an asshole, I tell them I'd rather be honest. Besides, they're all freakin' SOBs anyway.
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Very rarely, unless I really don't like or respect the person.
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can we make a list of SF a$$holes? for future reference, like.
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