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I think our little pal D.B. has lost it. Best be carelful who he throws his bricks at. Sounds like they bounded back and knocked him down for the count.
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Interesting feedback from readers of the 'blog' along with Mr. Mahon's definition of the term "Master Tailor" From Thomas Mahon's website scroll down the page
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Don't let your mouth write any checks that your ass can't cash. Thomas Mahon emerges from the brouhaha looking very good indeed.
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Does any of this really change the fact that Darren appears to create beautiful suits? No, I haven't ever had one made for me, or worn one, or even seen one in person. Tom
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Maybe Darren took the rap for Alexander McQueen scrawling obscenities inside Prince Charles' suits. So what now? Do we turn grayson-like against Darren? We have apparently watched Tom win a Savile Row version of the ghetto pastime "the dozens"... I'd like to say I like Darren's suits, but what do I know -- I only have two bespoke suits, and they're both from him. It seems that apart from this ugly mess, the suits most forum members have received from Darren have been good. Dare I say very, very good? Look, I'm not his PR -- weigh in if he's disappointed you. Has anyone tried both Tom's and Darren's suits? Their character for truthfulness or gossip need not have much bearing on the quality of their product. Without attacking Tom, I must say that while Darren has a niche at Scabal's premises for Savile Row consultations, Tom also appears to cohabit, as do most Savile Row tailors, with another or several firms. He also is "By Appointment Only", which does suggest that he too pops in rather than maintains a full shop. Feel free to correct me.
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Someone on another site had made the observation that Darren only displays his customers' suits on mannequins, rather than on the customer himself.  I agree with the implication that showing off suits on a manequin is not the same as on the customer, for purposes of showcasing how well the suit actually fits rather than how it merely looks.  Ultimately that's what counts most.
This is getting borderline of ridiculous. What is next? Darren Beaman wears glasses hence he cannot be a good tailor? As for the last suit Darren posted (huntsman single button cut with DB vest), I saw the suit  worn by its owner, not a few minutes, a few hours, I saw the owner standing, seated, eating, laughing,  I saw the coat Darren made for the same customer. That suit blew me away.  I looked intensively at the detaiils, from head to toe, I looked like a pauper in my Borrelli MTM stuff. The coat he was wearing was amazingly made, the richness of details I have never seen before. Then again I have a very limited amount of Bespoke suit (6) but grew up in a home where my father went to see a few (now famous) Italian Artisans on a monthly basis to have his suits made.  I have seen great work before, and what I saw was great work. The fact that Darren was fired from A&S, was a cutter or an Alteration tailor has no basis for me. Actually, if such claims are true, more power to him. William Massena
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I hear Darren is developing weapons of mass destruction in his backyard. And at 12 Savile Row by appointment only.
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those 18.5 minutes? Tricky Dick being measured for a "whistle and flute" of "unimpeachable" quality... on the grassy knoll... a fellow who could not stand JFK's sack suit... Darren Beaman? Lucky Lord Lucan? Ever seen in the same place? I rest my (S&A) case.
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There's actually a picture on this site of someone who bought a sportcoat from Darren. It looked pretty good to my untrained eye.
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I have no experience with either tailors' suits, but I really do not think we need to take sides.  From what I've gathered on the forums (my former involvement in the fashion industry did not include anything about bepoke tailors) both make superlative suits.  So either one or both of the tailors are prima donna.  So what?  That's pretty typical of fashion types, and I'm not at all surprised that the same goes for the tailoring types. But I think that gentlemen would settle these types of disputes in private.
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Darren, As a customer of yours, can you explain to me how you have time to post on this forum, but do not have time to return any of my calls or respond to any of my emails. Please advise. Thank you.
I find this most telling... A.
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The seductive power of the Internets can turn even the most established artisan into a blithering nimrod. And lately I'm afraid Mr. Beaman hasn't been the only case
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The seductive power of the Internets can turn even the most established artisan into a blithering nimrod. And lately I'm afraid Mr. Beaman hasn't been the only case
Of whom else thou speak'st of? Jon.
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It's just a personal viewpoint of mine. I have a great idea for a thread in General Chat. Let's pretend to be bespoke artisans and make flaming, trolling, false accusations of each other. "imageWis you cant cut, you never worked at A&S how can you call yourself a cutter" ... That sort of thing. It will be like therapy for those of us disappointed by these recent events
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