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sugar free food

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I'm trying to cut down on sugars, and I was wondering about all those products out there that claim to have signifigantly less sugar. Are they really better, or are they using something else that makes them just as unhealthy.
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From my experience with them, there is a sugar substitute used which tried to emulate the taste fo sugar. I don't know if it's as bad but it definately went through my system faster than the regular sugar products did. Instead of using those types, I just check for lower sugar content foods. The lower sugar breads and such seem to help out as being Hypoglycemic, I check the content of each. The candies substitutes are the main ones I've had bad experiences with but as far as actual health data, I'm not sure. Overall, switching to low sugar foods also means lower carbs in general so you'd be taking on a lighter load in your diet whcih may be your goal.
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I do not use sugar at all, Splenda or Sweet-n-Low in everything. I find the Crystal Light products wonderful beverages, and they are sweet enough with sugar substitues, and have less than a calorie. They also make good mixers for Vodka, the OJ is pretty good, as well as the Lemonade. We mix the 2 together and make a nice juice for sipping or Sunday morning screw drivers. The only sugar intake I have is natural, alcohol or sugars used in salad dressing and the like. I seem to fel less dragged down at the end of the day staying somewhat clean of sweets.
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sunday morning screwdrivers... if you stop eating sugar you'll start to lose your sweet tooth little by little. then you won't crave it or any substitutes. don't exaggerate though. having dessert once in a while won't kill you.
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I'm with matadorpoeta. Stop using sugar (and substitues) and you'll lose your sweet tooth. It's easy, really. While you're at it, stay away from highly processed foods (like things with bleached flour), and starches that have a high glycemic index. And drink water in lieu of soda and juice.
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I agree that there are tremendous health benefits to cutting refined sugar form one's diet. I tried to go the less sugar will make me crave less route, but honestly, that never worked for me. Instead i try to find sugar alternative that satisfy my sweet tooth and have low GI. For example I love sugar free hot chocolate and sugar free jolly ranchers. Another recommendation i have is to treat yourself in other ways to the smells of things your favorite treats - the best smelling body wash in the whole wide world; it's on the pricy side, but seriously, it's like bathing in chocolate milk and it makes all my cravings diappear. I work as a prevage consultant and sylist at a spa and I got a free sample of Philip B's Chocolate Milk Body wash - now I'm totally addicted. you can check it out here:"
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