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What artwork is on your walls?

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I have some nice wooden frames that someone has given to me. I don't know what sort of art to put on them. I think prints would be tacky. Rather than framing some random abstract painting, I'd like to be able to put something up that could be used as a conversational piece or reflect something about myself.

Curious to find out what others have hanging on their walls.
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just got this to go over my bed
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I have some old Rembrandt prints from the early 1900's my friend found for me. Work I've traded other artists, and most of my own stuff.

Unfinished, but its above my desk anyway.
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All the artwork I have is reproduction (still hand painted), oil on canvas, versions of Rene Magritte's work. I have reproduction paintings of the following: And I have this one framed, but have yet to hang it up:
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My mother in law is an artist so our walls are covered with her paintings.

Some pics here
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we have a few old maps, a few old archetectural drawings, a small number of prints - 2 matisses and a few german expresionists, a few oil paintings from places we have traveled, a few oil paintings that my father did, 6 old african masks a shield and spears, a large wooden thai screen, a few embrodiered fabrics from different parts of the world, some indonesian and turkish shadow puppets

we also have a huge, something like 4 meter by 2 meter, cloth tapestry map of the world on the wall of the hallway for the kids.
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Some original work by young Romanian artists. (The nude is not as obvious in real life).
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Various things from early modernists to unknown friends.
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I have a lot of my own photos on my walls. I have a number of various prints and works from unknown artists, but only one "real" piece of art. It is a Sergey Smirnov original. I love it!
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Dave Kinsey, Dalek, Mike Giant, Kelsey Brookes
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A 24"x36" b/w framed print of hr from the bad brains.....
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From a Minneapolis bum

Takasi Murakami

Walter Brisk Jr.

Ruben Nusz

Arthur Tress

John Button

Jil Sander

Some local Monterey Bay artist

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My own photography among other things:
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I collect illustration art, mostly fantasy, traditional Chinese art, and a few other things.

Here's some of what's on my walls:

A fantasy portrait of my daughter, by Kinuko Craft

Northwatch, by Keith Parkinson

The USS Constitution, by Geoff Hunt

The Mediator, by Gnemo (Tom Kidd)

Memory of Lothlorien, by Stephanie Law

Moonlight, by Brom

A corner of the Evening, by Clayton Merrell

Wings of a Dream, by Luis Royo

Knights of San Romano, by Blaine Larson

Ice Bridge, by Donato Giancola

Tolkien's World, by Ian Miller

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