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You were in Athens for a UGA/TN game. Chances are the ass grabber was one evolutionary cycle removed from being a neanderthal, so you should have just made a Geico joke.
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Originally Posted by scarphe View Post
i ma not sure form legal point fo view but i am sure from SD point of view that even pushing is an attack, so the other person is defending himself from an aggressor, he could proabably seriously injure th attacker and still have him charged with assault.

i will repeat the question question what reasoning allows one to attack a person that is not threatening you physically?

From a technical standpoint, you are right. However, realistically, the odds of you be either prosecuted or sued over a push is far less than a punch. I wouldn't recommend either, but, if you're going to do one, I guess your (far) better option would be the push over the punch. This isn't my speciality by any stretch (plus, I practice in a foreign jurisdiction, so there might be some other differences as well), but I can give you a basic statement of general concepts.

Keep in mind that, from a tort (ie. civil law) perspective, assault and battery are two distinct concepts, despite often being used together. A battery is an act of physical aggression (ie. someone were to physically touch you without your permission). On the other hand, an "assault" is merely a realistically perceived threat. In other words, if someone were to get into a fighting stance in front of you, they would be committing an assault but not a battery. However, if they then hit you, they would have performed both. If someone hit you from behind without you having perceived a threat and then ran away, you could likely only seek tortious damages for battery given that there probably was no assault (as odd as that may seem). You can sue someone for damages stemming from a mere assault as well; for example, if somebody pointed a gun at you and this caused you some sort of damage (perhaps you leap to get out of the line of fire and break your leg or maybe you go into nervous shock from the experience), you would potentially have grounds to receive damages for assault.

The same basic concept is transferable to a criminal context. If someone is threatening you in a manner where you realistically perceive that your physical well-being is endangered, you have a right to defend yourself (up to the point where the threat is extinguished and no further; in other words, if someone takes a threatening step towards you, you can defend yourself, but you couldn't then kick them when they were on the ground and the threat was over).

Again, this is not advice but merely an off-hand comment; please do not use or rely on anything posted here in any way.
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I live very near one of the nation's premier party schools. The kind of school that the city is built around. Everyone should expect college kids to behave like college kids.

The guy who grabbed OP's wife's ass is a jerk, but was he really out of line for the situation? At many of the post-game parties I've been to ass grabbing is not only acceptable but kind of standard. It's kind of like introducing yourself. If OP and his wife did not want to participate, they should go to a different post-game celebration. (Since OP wasn't tossed within seconds of starting a fight, we know what kind of place he was in.)

The ass grabber was hitting on OP's wife. It was the college kid version of saying hello and offering her a drink. I wouldn't have grabbed a stranger's ass and would apologize for hitting on someone's wife, but I'm not sure OP was owed an apology. The ass-grabber didn't seem to doing anything inappropriate for the situation and wasn't continuing to bother OP's wife after she declined his advance. OP was the one causing trouble. If I had witnessed this, I'd have been rooting for the ass-grabber.

This thread of full of dandies, sissy and fops. Half of the posters think OP is a bad-ass and the rest think OP should be worried about getting hurt. (A few people agree that OP was out of line and should never have taken his wife to this kind of place.) Are you kidding? OP started a bar fight by standing around talking about it. What a joke? If OPs was going to hit the guy, he should have just hit him. Standing around talking about it is for middle-school kids. It also how people get hurt. If you're going to throw-down, just get to it.
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There are men in this world who'd be rather proud of the fact that some bloke had just fondled their better 'arf. Would it have still happened if your wife would have a face, which resembled that of a trout and the arse of a hippo???

Er - no.

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You should have knocked his ass out.....simple
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This thread is still active? Christ.
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wow is it too late to chime in? The ABSOLUTE correct thing to do is knock his fking teeth out! It would of made you feel good for about a half hour. Than you would probably feel guilty or maybe have to explain yourself to the authorities. God forbid he falls and smashes his brains all over the floor.

Think of the months and cost of a frivilous legal battle if you get sued or prosecuted! So although the absolute correct thing is knock his teeth out it may not be the best.

Tell your wife he is a good judge of character and you understand how he couldn't control himself and move on.

As for the ass grabber just assume he will grab the wrong ass one day.
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Originally Posted by SVS View Post
The guy who grabbed OP's wife's ass is a jerk, but was he really out of line for the situation?
YES. People who take your position are responsible for the generalized decrease in civility that we face.
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ask him wich hand he touched your wife answer then ask your wife.
then ask him gently to show that hand..or get his hand by force.
Turn his arm around so that his elbow is pointing to the ground.
Then you push his elbow upwards with the palm of your free hand till you hear a nice crack.
then you just say "this way i know you will remember some manners next time".

call me a masochist but id break his arms before leaving that place. Then again... you never know what you do unles you experience a situation like that in person.

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Originally Posted by distinctive View Post
I got some points with the wife but I wasn't really proud of my actions.

How would you have handled the situation?

a) Walk up to him, look him in the eyes, get a firm grip on his family jewels and squeeze them slowly while you say "I see you like my wife, how do you like this?", smiling

b) Pay the biggest guy in the bar to do a) for you.
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Originally Posted by distinctive View Post
How would you have handled the situation?

Beat the shit out of him. Actions have consequences.
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When it deals with a man touching your woman, you knock him down. If the guy is stupid enough to stand back up, knock him back down.
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